My games of the year 2016 (GOTY 2016)

Best Action game

GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST_20150308231448

God Eater 2 Rage Burst (PSVita/PS4)

Without a natural leader like Bloodborne last year, hard to choose between the three great ones today. But God Eater 2 Rage Burst somewhat stands out, because of its memorables momenta and heated battles. Full of adorable characters and playable in coop, it goes well beyond the hunting genre to become a great saga.

Runner-up : Fate Extella (PSVita) & The Division (PS4)

Best Shooter

Battlefield™ 1_20161110225149

Battlefield 1 (PS4)

In Spring, I would have bet anything on Overwatch for this title. But that was underestimating DICE’s efforts to make Battlefield not only innovating by its theme, World War I, but also a thrilling sniper experience thanks to the best TDM maps since I know the series. The remarkable atmosphere and the gorgeous graphics are just the cherry on the cake.

Runner-up : Overwatch (PS4)

Best Strategy game


Kan Colle kai (PSVita)

Kan Colle kai is the new Advance Wars. The addictive management of units and the desperate defense of positions brought me tears of joy when the final trophy popped. Gifted with rich and unique design and having a game system as enjoyable as Pokemon plus outstanding challenge, Kadokawa’s game is one to remember.

Runner-up : Pokemon Sun&Moon (3DS)

Best RPG


Persona 5 (PS4)

Persona 5 being my first «true» Persona game (after Persona 4 Dancing All Night last year), I hadn’t how massive this series was. And here it is, the hype is 170% deserved, because Persona 5 is an RPG like you seldom see. Great narrative & characters, fantastic combat, dream-like design, deep game system, overflowing content… the new King of JRPG is here!

Runner-up : Tokyo Xanadu (PSVita)

Best puzzle game


Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight (PSVita)

After a superb Yomawari, Nippon Ichi Software is at it again with Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight. Not adventure this time but pure a 2D platformer featuring lots of puzzles for hours of intense brainstorming, with far better controls than The Firefly Diary.

Runner-up : Ace Attorney 6 (3DS)

Best Sountrack

初音ミク Project DIVA Future Tone

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone (PS4)

The tracklist in Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone speaks for itself : in the 228 tracks, you’ll surely find dozens of your liking. Every J-pop style is widely represented, with a lot of novelties compared to portable Project Diva games (Hôkai Utahime, Gothic and Loneliness). Yet this PS4 game also features classics like Remocon or Envy Cat Walk.

Runner-up : Hatsune Miku Project Diva X (PSVita/PS4)

Best graphics

Tom Clancy's The Division™_20160320231035

The Division (PS4)

Open world of impressive scale, The Division is visually the most striking game I’ve seen this year. Ubisoft re-created New York with great realism and the post apocalyptic touch makes it an immersive experience.

Runner-up : Battlefield 1 (PS4) & Hatsune Mike Project Diva X (PSVita)

Best innovation


Overwatch (PS4)

When Blizzard does something, it rarely fails. Overwatch is a competitive FPS like you’ve never seen before. Close to an RPG by its characters and skill mechanics, it allows for a great variety of gameplay blowing everything else in the genre. You’ve got an innovative set of roles like defenders (D.Va) or support characters of which the recently added grandma Ana is a stunning example.

Runner-up : Mary Skelter Nightmares (PSVita)

Best narrative


Persona 5 (PS4)

Persona 5 is the master of suspense and intrigue. The passion in those personal destinies, the will of the characters, the bond uniting them, all this conjugated with the onimous plot set by wicked elites is a delicious cocktail that you keep pouring during dozens of hours.

Runner-up : Tokyo Xanadu (PSVita)

Best atmosphere


Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight (PSVita)

Nippon Ichi Software is at its best when creating dark and crooked universes. Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight is no expection and delivers gloomy art that chills the bone : blood, death and despair are the key elements here. The developments, the very logic of the game and the touching conclusion make it emotionally beautiful.

Runner-up : Battlefield 1 (PS4)

Best design


Kan Colle kai (PSVita)

While Persona 5 sure blows things out in terms of design, I might stick to Kan Colle kai for this one. Really unique concept with risqué fan service included, Kantai Collection does a great job drawing friends and foes, and decorating your HQ is a lot of fun too.

Runner up : Persona 5 (PS4), Mary Skelter Nightmares (PSVita) & Pokemon Sun/Moon (3DS)

Best game you might never play


Kan Colle kai (PSVita)

I’m actually pretty sure you won’t play Kan Colle kai, unfortunately. Kadokawa has already announced that the game would be pulled back from shelves, further evidence that relations with the IP owner aren’t exactly easy. You still have a few weeks to order an import version and a fat kanji dictionary with it.

Runner-up : none

Most disappointing


Sword Art Online Hollow Realization (PSVita/PS4)

You’d need to be really incompetent or seriously cynical to keep this unwanted «title». Mr. Futami Producer of Sword Art Online games, must be this kind of guy. Incapable of keeping the progresses made in Sword Art Online Lost Song, he’s badly rehashed Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment with Sword Art Online Hollow Realization : romoved playable characters, boring linearity, thin storyline, outdated engine… everything indicates he wanted to maximize profits by minimizing efforts. This logic seems actually be going on with Sword Art Online vs Accel World, the first screens of which are horrendous. This time, my money will go the more capable and ambitious developers.

Runner-up : Summon Night 6

mini Platinum-trophy Game of the Year


Persona 5 (PS4)

mini gold trophy Kan Colle kai (PSVita)

mini Silver_Trophy Rose and the Old Castle of Twillight (PSVita)

mini-bronze_trophy Tokyo Xanadu (PSVita)


A look back at some E3 2016 videos

Fate Tamamo

Nier Automata (PS4)

Not such a good a trailer, because it’s ill-paced somewhat. That said it does show a bit of exploration. Which surprised me to be honest, I thought that it would be a «corridor» game of sorts. I was obviously wrong about that. There are a few seconds of battle, but very valuable seconds! It’s ultra fast, super thrilling, you have to dodge countless stuff, the boss design is wild and… well, please this release quickly, SE.

Battlefield 1 (PS4/XB1/PC)

As usual another masterpiece of a trailer from DICE. Immediately in the flames of war by the scene inside the tank, Battlefield 1 is showing off its dream-like 3D engine to make World War more real than any documentary. The violence and the fury of combat is breathtaking . It was by far the best-looking game of E3, and the choice of a lesser known era really gives the sensation to experience something new.

Fate Extella (PS4/PSVita)

Although I only know the Fate IP by watching Ilya, this new beat’em all by Marvelous has my interest for the extraordinary quality of the action. The number of foes is seriously impressive, more than in any Warriors game. The combos are quite flashy and lavish in their colors and large moves.

Tales of Berseria (PS4/PC)

My hypometer rose a bit further after this trailer. The narrative seems very dark and you can sense strong hatred and rivalries already : two things that generally lead to great JRPGs. Velvet is such a awesome character, Namco’s Lighting I’d daresay since she seems to have every possible quality you’d expect from a female lead, including a well-chosen voice actress. The general design split between holy, darkness and burlesque makes a great artistic touch even though the 3D engine looks quite worn off.

Gravity Daze 2 (PS4)

Despite my anger towards the fact that it’s not coming to Vita, I have to admit that Gravity Daze 2 looks more beautiful and richer each passing day on home console. This trailer show how much SCEJ is serious about this : the town is extremely lively, full of colors and the particle effects get sharper each time the game is shown. It’s pretty that it looks exactly like a live comic. I thought the kinda vintage music was very clever too. The framerate does show some weaknesses so we’ll have to wait for a future build, but I think I can can at last put my frustration behind me.

Those are the E3 2013 games you need to see


Lightning Returns (PS3/X360)

This newest trailer of the latest episode of the Lightning series had me particularly excited. The game seems darker than ever with Lightning being chased by Noël while engaging a deadly duel with Snow. She’s also sexier than before in outfit no Final Fantasy fan would have imagined possible a few years ago. Let’s also point out that you can now target and cut off parts of the monsters’ body (like it is the case in the Shining series for example)

Battlefield 4 (PS4/X1)

While it is unknown whether sniping will be a bit more enjoyable than in BF3, it’s difficult not to be impressed by this trailer. The way small particles and fumes are rendered by ultra-powerful engine Frostbite 3 shows how much of a gap there is between this gen and the upcoming one.

Mirror’s Edge (PS4/X1)

A big hip hip hip hurrah for Mirror’s Edge 2! Despite the not so good sales of the first one, Faith is back, in great shape and more determined than ever in this short but exhalirating trailer. The broken glass and the light effects prove once more that Frostbite 3 means business.

Metal Gear Solid 5 (PS4/X1)

Lot of delightful new elements in this latest video of MGS5. It gives a first glimpse of the open world promised by Kojima and it’s awesome. The playground seems limitless and already revolutionizes infiltration as well as story-telling. It’s pleasant to see really Kojimaesque characters : freaky and shady, they completely inherit for the Metal Gear DNA. Between Skull Face the merciless gangster, a megalomaniac Otacon or a super-sexy sniper woman called Quiet, fans will welcome back the Metal Gear they love.

Final Fantasy XV (PS4)

But THE video that set E3 on fire, that’s the one of Final Fantasy VersusXIII. The game quits the Lightning series as expected, and officially becoming Final Fantasy XV. This masterpiece of a trailer doesn’t need much explanation, but just notice the psychics of the next gen water, the destruction everywhere around, Noctis’s stylish moves, the giant Leviathan, the FFXII-styled world… After this you can close E3 and cancel everything until this game is release.

My favourite games of 2011 (GoTY 2011)

The reason I want to show off my favorite games of 2011 is that they are the kind you’ll never see in established websites, which are more or less always the same. I want those games to have some recognition, which will never happen with those opinion leaders who fail to (re)present this industry in its variety. I want to show this gaming year in a different way, the one that isn’t in the spotlight.

Note : those games are the one I played this year, but they didn’t necessarily release this year. Some did, some are from before… or for later.

Best fighting game

Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim

While it is true that Duodecim is more like a Dissidia 1.5, Final Fantasy fans certainly won’t hesitate to pick this game to play as Lightning, Yuna, Tifa, Kain or Laguna. Quite difficult, Duodecim is packed with more than 100 hours of challenge, enhanced by perfect gameplay and top-notch graphics.

Runner-up : BlazeBlue Calamity Trigger

Best FPS

Battlefield 3

In FPS history, Battlefield 3 has unprecendented graphics, unprecedented sound and music and the most addicting and realistic gameplay of any shooting game this year. All this makes you feel you’re in a real battlefield like never before. There’s an before and an after Battlefield 3, altough the press clearly didn’t notice…

Runner-up : Modern Warfare 3

Best TPS/Action game

Parasite Eve - The 3rd Birthday

The biggest surprise of this year! Almost unknown in the West, the Parasite Eve series makes a formidable entrance with this hardcore, breathtaking action-RPG. You play as Aya, a young special officer who has to fight against invading aliens. Like in good SF movies, the beast are near invincible unless you find their weak spot, making The 3rd Birthday the not only the best TPS, but also the ultimate survival game of this year.

Runner-up : Ace Combat – Assault Horizon

Best Strategy Game

Valkyria Chronicles 3

After Valkyria Chronicles 2 which was excellent but coudln’t possibly rival the original Valkyria Chronicles, Sega gave everything to make Valkyria Chronicles 3 closest as possible to VC1, with admirable characthers, both new and old. And they did it : without reaching the supreme quality of the first episode, VC3 delivers a long, rich, difficult and emotional adventure that non-Japanese speakers will unfortunately never enjoy.

Runner-up : None

Best RPG

Atelier Totori

Quite a difficult year to pick from… We had a rich year, which the press sadly sums up only by Skyrim or Mass Effect, altough we could enjoy many JRPGs. But Atelier Totori had more than any other : uncredibly deep gameplay, massive challenge, beautiful music, a touching story combined with the best humor in a video game to date and of course lovely characters.

Runner-up : Final Fantasy XIII-2

Best Original Sound Track

Final Fantasy Type-0

A record year on the musical side. The pleasure of playing video games has never been so great for my ears. In this flurry of orchestral beauty, Final Fantasy Type-0 is the winner : many of its music tracks are unforgettable and fit perfectly to the situation in the game.

Runner-up : Atelier Totori

Best game no one played

Hyperdimension Neptune Mk2

The Hyperdimension series didn’t really sell lots in Europe or even in Japan (the US being more receptive). It is still THE new RPG of this year. However poor graphically speaking (probably because of limited budget), Hyperdimension Neptune features a character design like no other and an unprecedented battle system. Its sequel improves everything, but didn’t have much more success in Japan.

Runner-up : Hyperdimension Neptune

Best Graphics

Final Fantasy XIII-2

True, Battlefield 3 put a milesone here. No game was even remotely close this year in graphically speaking, that is… before Final Fantasy XIII-2 came from nowhere on 12/15! Unparalleled wheather and light effects, mind-blowing sceneries, impressive character modelling : FFXIII-2 is the closest thing there is from visuals like in Star Wars. That said and the PS3-centered debate left aside, Battlefield 3 on PC is the closest thing there is from reality…

Runner-up : Battlefield 3

Best game you might never play

Final Fantasy Type-0

Even though it achieved huge sales in Japan and despite its undeniable qualities, SquareEnix has been rather discreet on a Western release of Final Fantasy Type-0. Even though a translation is rumored being on the works, FF Type-0 might become the only Final Fantasy never coming to our shores. I, who came to know how fantastic it is, find it tragic more than any other.

Runner-up : Valkyria Chronicles 3

Best DLC policy

Battlefield 3

Back to Karkand features 4 new well-designed maps, new vehicles and 10 new weapons (and not random ones : L96A, FAMAS, etc.). On the top of that, Back to Karkand is FREE with the limited edition. High quality content for 0€ = an unlimited quality/price ratio.

Runner-up : Hyperdimension Neptune Mk2

Worst DLC policy

Final Fantasy XIII-2

You belong to the 650’000 people that already own Final Fantasy XIII-2 on PS3? SquareEnix doesn’t care about you. They decided to give this new weapon for Serah exclusively to the few people who buy the X360 version. Worse, the DLC season only begins on January 10th and will spread over several months… M. SquareEnix, you’re not developping Modern Warfare 3, we’ll have cleared the game by then!

Runner-up : Modern Warfare 3

Best game I’m currently on

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Difficult to judge Final Fantasy XIII-2 while still in the middle of it. I can’t say for sure that it is the masterpiece FF fans are waiting for, but it’s on good track! Complex scenario, great mini-games, record-breaking graphics, varied quests awesome new adds such as the live trigger definitely make it THE game to watch for in 2012!

Runner-up : Final Fantasy Type-0

Best game of 2010 I’m still playing

Final Fantasy XIII

My fat PS3 overheated one day I was playing Black Ops. Never turned on again… I lost something like 30 hours of FFXIII but that was no big deal : I threw myself a second time in heated battles and rejoiced while taking on Vercingetorix and the Long Gui. FFXIII, for its battle system alone, is truly unforgettable.

Runner-up : Gran Turismo 5

Biggest disappointment

AR Tonelico III

I like trying new JRPG IPs. So when the AR Tonelico series arrived in Europe, I was curious to see how it would fare. But it was clearly a miss : it’s funny but ludicrously sex-oriented, graphics and animation are hopeless and the gameplay is as deep as my bathtube. The only good thing about it is its OST, really inspiring. Thankfully it was included in the game, so I didn’t waste those 50€.

Runner-up : Deus Ex Human Revolution

Game of the Year

Atelier Totori

However good Final Fantasy XIII-2 may seem, what I can say for sure is that the latest Atelier game has this little something you experience only once every few years. After completing the game in a last 10-hour session, something deep inside told me that Atelier Totori was a game like no other, enshrined in my memory for ever.

Runner-up : Final Fantasy XIII-2

Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 : the Final Deathmatch

After having spent roughly 40 hours on both Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, I can finally deliver my verdict, through various categories of my choice.

/!\ this review is based on the PS3 version of both games /!\

Solo campaign

Coefficient : 1

Modern Warfare 3

Let’s face it : the campaign in Battlefield 3 isn’t that great. Far too difficult, with an easy mode that looks like Modern Warfare 2 veteran mode. It’s not uncommon to try and retry 5 or 6 times at some checkpoints, which should not happen in an easy mode. In the other hand, Modern Warfare 3 is really pleasant to play in 2nd Class, an intermediate difficulty between easy and normal. Neither too easy nor too difficult, it’s perfect for people like me who handle an M4 like an iron. Battlefield 3 is also too linear and doesn’t give you the choise to enjoy the campaign the way you want. If you try stay even a little from the game « scenario », it’s often game over and 5 minutes to do over. QTE are also a pain because misses are extremely irritating and completely break the flow of the game. Battlefield 3 also lacks variety : except for the mission on board the tank and Night Shift (which is a sniping mission), the solo looks like a long rush with assault rifles. Modern Warfare 3 has plenty of epic scenes (car pursuit, AC-130, chopper gunner, etc.) and most of the time lets you choose the weapon you want to attack with. Up to you to quickscope your way through the Champ de Mars using your beloved MSR or blast your way through it. Still, Battlefield’s scenario felt more coherent and more interesting overall.


Coefficient : 3

Battlefield 3 (picture from the PC version)

 Battlefield 3 makes history with its new engine Frosbite 2. DICE has communicated a lot about it, and that wasn’t just PR talk : FPS have never been so realistic. Weapons are identical to their real counterparts, even in the smallest details. Maps are neat and beautiful. Destruction, explosions and smoke effects are peerless. Battlefield 3 opens an new era in animations : you’re not just a floating weapon anymore, but an soldier who tries to shoot his way out of the battlefield. Jump over a barrier and you’ll see your legs. Fall and you’ll see your hand thrust on the ground to prevent it. Prone and you’ll see your elbows and your weapon from the side. Switching to Modern Warfare 3 after that comes as a shock… maps are empty and roughly made, weapons seem toyish and some firing sounds are odd. It’s not that bad during the campaign, but there is a world of difference between the two multiplayer modes. In fact, MW3 is graphically way below MW2. Battlefield 3 settles it with multiple brilliant details : when you’re aimed at by a weapon equipped with a tactical light or a red dot, you will be blinded. When you have a bipod equipped on your sniper rifle and get prone, your character will take the time to deploy it and place it on the ground! It’s clear that Modern Warfare 3 can’t compete with its competitor in that field.

Sound environnement

Coefficient : 2

Battlefield 3 (picture from the PC version)

Battlefield 3 puts a milestone again. Its sound effects are truly thrilling. The whizzing of incoming bullets or rockets puts a huge pressure, and explosions feel so real that they startle me almost every time. Footsteps, firing sounds and breathing are extremely convincing. Add to this that BF3 lets you choose between local dubs and the original English version. Needless to say, the English voices are far better and reinforce the experience. Modern Warfare 3 gives you no choice but to listen to the terrible French dubs, ridiculous lines and funny firing sounds. This really ruins the game in a whole. Crushing victory of Battlefield 3 in the sound department…


Coefficient : 5

Battlefield 3

The Battlefield series is famous for its multiplayer. Battlefield 3 takes much more skill than Modern Warfare 3 : you can’t run around and knife people or rush to the frontline because you’re the fastest to pull the trigger. No, in Battlefield 3, you advance slowly but with care, take advantage of your surroundings and your class. I like this emphasis put on realism because it takes the genre a step closer to a real war simulation. Very unlike that, Modern Warfare 3 makes the same mistakes that made Black Ops so disappointing. Automatic weapons are overpowered, which makes the multiplayer a merciless slaughter where strategy no longer exist. Maps are DREADFUL, even worse than in Black Ops which had already set the bar pretty low. Most of the time, it’s narrow CQC oriented urban environment. In Battlefield 3, maps are designed to fit to every type of player and more important, to make teamplay possible and efficient. Map design also changes depending if you’re playing TDM or Rush. It’s also an element that shows that Battlefield 3 is richer and more varied than its direct competitor. First, Battlefield has vehicles, lots of them and they can nearly be considered a game in the game (you can’t imagine the pleasure of taking on enemy infantry with a T-90). Secondly, you can unlock more than a dozen of accessories for each weapon, twice more than in MW3.

Community/Social Networking

Coefficient : 2

Battlefield 3

Call of Duty Elite, on the top of the numerous issues it has known since launch (I still can’t post on forums), does not provide stellar service. The possibility to review every game in great detail is interesting, but that’s about it. The rest is nothing but classic information on your performance in the game, which was already in Black Ops. The « improve » part is laughable, because the advice given couldn’t be applied in real game, even in a dream. The social part allows you to enter groups (cool…) and participate in official tournaments, in which everyone will choose nooby weapons and just make it worse. Battleblog, Battlefield’s social network, works flawlessly and turns out to be quite user-friendly. There’s of course a lot of information about your performance and your playstyle, but here also you can review every game in detail, with an interesting plus : it shows the best player in some categories such as classes, accuracy, score, etc. I have to point out that Modern Warfare 3 has the video Vault, which allows you to re-watch all your recent games and even publish clips on Facebook. It really is the dreamlike tool for people who make videos like me. But again, Battlefield 3 is the winner.


Coefficient : 999

Battlefield 3

At launch, sniping in Battlefield 3 was a nightmare, which made me choose MW3 at first. As you could expect, DICE didn’t just wait for snipers to switch to the competition. They provided us with two awesome things : the patch and Back to Karkand. Even though it doesn’t give us the one-shot kill we asked for so badly, the update fixes respawn issues to some extend : except for some maps like Kharg Island where respawn is as bad as before, the opposing teams in TM now start at the opposite sides of the map (not always well chosen but…). It makes a huge difference for snipers who can now take the time to aim for the head and cover efficiently their buddies from behind the frontline. It’s ironic, but Modern Warfare 3 is now criticized for respawn issues. It became actually so bad that even by quickscoping perfectly, your score remains low. Back to Karkand gives a new dimension to Battlefield 3. First, it’s FREE with the limited edition (which I got for the same price as the normal one). Secondly, the design of the new maps, in TDM as well as in Rush, is MAGIC! They have plenty of high points to snipe from, and many open areas where enemies do come. Third : it offers the L96. Divine in Black Ops, it became ridiculous in MW3 because of the poor graphics. It’s thus a real pleasure to see it so well made in BF3, with this time a realistic firing sound. Battlefield 3 is also more realistic in the sniper gameplay alone, since you have to find the best spot and take your time to aim, like a real sniper would do. MW3 remains very arcade with a quickscoping far from being boring, but actually necessary to survive in the middle of the noobs.

Winner : Battlefield 3

(Far) more beautiful, more intense and now quite fun, Battlefield 3 becomes the new FPS standart against an ageing Call of Duty which took more from Black Ops than from Modern Warfare 2. The world of difference is illustrated by the DLC policies of both publishers : between and brilliant and free Back to Karkand and a 50$-worth Call of Duty Elite there’s little to look forward to, the choice is easily done… My bad to have doubted it, but Battlefield 3 is indeed beyond and above the call.

Review : Battlefield 3 beta

The much awaited Battlefield 3 beta is finally available on every platform. Took a while to get it on PSN cause of maintenance, but it eventually works quite fine.

The first thing you notice is the graphical leap from Bad Company 2 : it was expected but the Frosbite2 engine really opens a new era for game development. Never in past FPS graphical effects such as dust, fire, sparks and smoke have been so rich, vivid an realistic. Your character’s animations are unprecedented too : whenever you prone, crawl or jump a wall, you can see and feel you have an actual body instead of being a floating weapon. Environments are splendid too, clipping and alaising remain a problem though.

Gameplay is a huge improvement from Bad Company 2 : the maps are still a little too big but with 32 players there a lot more action. I still can’t bear the respawn system since it makes a long way if you respawn in the base, and that you often get owned on the spot when reappearing on teammates. The multiplayer is quite exciting nevertheless, the sound environment, knife kills, progression system and weapon balance make it hooking and immersive. The devs also put great care in details : for example if an enemy aims at you with a tactical light or a red-dot, it will blind you

Last but not least, sniping really feels great, even though the Paris map didn’t seem suited for it. Unlike CoD, distance is a huge advantage despite desperate attempts from DICE to nerf sniping. Snipers’ lens are as shiny as a car’s headlight, which is supposed to be the reflection of the sunlight, save that it’s permanent and applies in dark metro tunnels…

It’s so good I can hardly believe this is just the beta. If the full game actually turns out even better than that, then Battlefield has good chance to flatten Modern Warfare 3!