My games of the year 2016 (GOTY 2016)

Best Action game

GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST_20150308231448

God Eater 2 Rage Burst (PSVita/PS4)

Without a natural leader like Bloodborne last year, hard to choose between the three great ones today. But God Eater 2 Rage Burst somewhat stands out, because of its memorables momenta and heated battles. Full of adorable characters and playable in coop, it goes well beyond the hunting genre to become a great saga.

Runner-up : Fate Extella (PSVita) & The Division (PS4)

Best Shooter

Battlefield™ 1_20161110225149

Battlefield 1 (PS4)

In Spring, I would have bet anything on Overwatch for this title. But that was underestimating DICE’s efforts to make Battlefield not only innovating by its theme, World War I, but also a thrilling sniper experience thanks to the best TDM maps since I know the series. The remarkable atmosphere and the gorgeous graphics are just the cherry on the cake.

Runner-up : Overwatch (PS4)

Best Strategy game


Kan Colle kai (PSVita)

Kan Colle kai is the new Advance Wars. The addictive management of units and the desperate defense of positions brought me tears of joy when the final trophy popped. Gifted with rich and unique design and having a game system as enjoyable as Pokemon plus outstanding challenge, Kadokawa’s game is one to remember.

Runner-up : Pokemon Sun&Moon (3DS)

Best RPG


Persona 5 (PS4)

Persona 5 being my first «true» Persona game (after Persona 4 Dancing All Night last year), I hadn’t how massive this series was. And here it is, the hype is 170% deserved, because Persona 5 is an RPG like you seldom see. Great narrative & characters, fantastic combat, dream-like design, deep game system, overflowing content… the new King of JRPG is here!

Runner-up : Tokyo Xanadu (PSVita)

Best puzzle game


Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight (PSVita)

After a superb Yomawari, Nippon Ichi Software is at it again with Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight. Not adventure this time but pure a 2D platformer featuring lots of puzzles for hours of intense brainstorming, with far better controls than The Firefly Diary.

Runner-up : Ace Attorney 6 (3DS)

Best Sountrack

初音ミク Project DIVA Future Tone

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone (PS4)

The tracklist in Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone speaks for itself : in the 228 tracks, you’ll surely find dozens of your liking. Every J-pop style is widely represented, with a lot of novelties compared to portable Project Diva games (Hôkai Utahime, Gothic and Loneliness). Yet this PS4 game also features classics like Remocon or Envy Cat Walk.

Runner-up : Hatsune Miku Project Diva X (PSVita/PS4)

Best graphics

Tom Clancy's The Division™_20160320231035

The Division (PS4)

Open world of impressive scale, The Division is visually the most striking game I’ve seen this year. Ubisoft re-created New York with great realism and the post apocalyptic touch makes it an immersive experience.

Runner-up : Battlefield 1 (PS4) & Hatsune Mike Project Diva X (PSVita)

Best innovation


Overwatch (PS4)

When Blizzard does something, it rarely fails. Overwatch is a competitive FPS like you’ve never seen before. Close to an RPG by its characters and skill mechanics, it allows for a great variety of gameplay blowing everything else in the genre. You’ve got an innovative set of roles like defenders (D.Va) or support characters of which the recently added grandma Ana is a stunning example.

Runner-up : Mary Skelter Nightmares (PSVita)

Best narrative


Persona 5 (PS4)

Persona 5 is the master of suspense and intrigue. The passion in those personal destinies, the will of the characters, the bond uniting them, all this conjugated with the onimous plot set by wicked elites is a delicious cocktail that you keep pouring during dozens of hours.

Runner-up : Tokyo Xanadu (PSVita)

Best atmosphere


Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight (PSVita)

Nippon Ichi Software is at its best when creating dark and crooked universes. Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight is no expection and delivers gloomy art that chills the bone : blood, death and despair are the key elements here. The developments, the very logic of the game and the touching conclusion make it emotionally beautiful.

Runner-up : Battlefield 1 (PS4)

Best design


Kan Colle kai (PSVita)

While Persona 5 sure blows things out in terms of design, I might stick to Kan Colle kai for this one. Really unique concept with risqué fan service included, Kantai Collection does a great job drawing friends and foes, and decorating your HQ is a lot of fun too.

Runner up : Persona 5 (PS4), Mary Skelter Nightmares (PSVita) & Pokemon Sun/Moon (3DS)

Best game you might never play


Kan Colle kai (PSVita)

I’m actually pretty sure you won’t play Kan Colle kai, unfortunately. Kadokawa has already announced that the game would be pulled back from shelves, further evidence that relations with the IP owner aren’t exactly easy. You still have a few weeks to order an import version and a fat kanji dictionary with it.

Runner-up : none

Most disappointing


Sword Art Online Hollow Realization (PSVita/PS4)

You’d need to be really incompetent or seriously cynical to keep this unwanted «title». Mr. Futami Producer of Sword Art Online games, must be this kind of guy. Incapable of keeping the progresses made in Sword Art Online Lost Song, he’s badly rehashed Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment with Sword Art Online Hollow Realization : romoved playable characters, boring linearity, thin storyline, outdated engine… everything indicates he wanted to maximize profits by minimizing efforts. This logic seems actually be going on with Sword Art Online vs Accel World, the first screens of which are horrendous. This time, my money will go the more capable and ambitious developers.

Runner-up : Summon Night 6

mini Platinum-trophy Game of the Year


Persona 5 (PS4)

mini gold trophy Kan Colle kai (PSVita)

mini Silver_Trophy Rose and the Old Castle of Twillight (PSVita)

mini-bronze_trophy Tokyo Xanadu (PSVita)


A look back at some E3 2016 videos

Fate Tamamo

Nier Automata (PS4)

Not such a good a trailer, because it’s ill-paced somewhat. That said it does show a bit of exploration. Which surprised me to be honest, I thought that it would be a «corridor» game of sorts. I was obviously wrong about that. There are a few seconds of battle, but very valuable seconds! It’s ultra fast, super thrilling, you have to dodge countless stuff, the boss design is wild and… well, please this release quickly, SE.

Battlefield 1 (PS4/XB1/PC)

As usual another masterpiece of a trailer from DICE. Immediately in the flames of war by the scene inside the tank, Battlefield 1 is showing off its dream-like 3D engine to make World War more real than any documentary. The violence and the fury of combat is breathtaking . It was by far the best-looking game of E3, and the choice of a lesser known era really gives the sensation to experience something new.

Fate Extella (PS4/PSVita)

Although I only know the Fate IP by watching Ilya, this new beat’em all by Marvelous has my interest for the extraordinary quality of the action. The number of foes is seriously impressive, more than in any Warriors game. The combos are quite flashy and lavish in their colors and large moves.

Tales of Berseria (PS4/PC)

My hypometer rose a bit further after this trailer. The narrative seems very dark and you can sense strong hatred and rivalries already : two things that generally lead to great JRPGs. Velvet is such a awesome character, Namco’s Lighting I’d daresay since she seems to have every possible quality you’d expect from a female lead, including a well-chosen voice actress. The general design split between holy, darkness and burlesque makes a great artistic touch even though the 3D engine looks quite worn off.

Gravity Daze 2 (PS4)

Despite my anger towards the fact that it’s not coming to Vita, I have to admit that Gravity Daze 2 looks more beautiful and richer each passing day on home console. This trailer show how much SCEJ is serious about this : the town is extremely lively, full of colors and the particle effects get sharper each time the game is shown. It’s pretty that it looks exactly like a live comic. I thought the kinda vintage music was very clever too. The framerate does show some weaknesses so we’ll have to wait for a future build, but I think I can can at last put my frustration behind me.

Review – Overwatch

OW a

Overwatch is an FPS. At reading this, you probably thought “grey”, “shallow”, “tiresome”, “second-hand”, “not fun”… No, not today! Because Overwatch is a multiplayer FPS that kicks the habit and revolutionizes the genre.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160604003855

I hadn’t really been paying attention to this game until D.Va artworks started popping on twitter roughly 3 days before release, sign that social media marketing is something legit. Sign also that Overwatch’s design is very powerful. In the mind of the geniuses at Blizzard, no John Doe but heroes, as they are called. The choice of a weapon shifts to the choice of a character who was its own specialization and personality. No more soulless avatars, you’re gonna play fun and charismatic characters like you would do in a good RPG.


Sure thing is that the developers did their best so that everyone can jump in : from the land of the Rising Sun to the one of the setting sun, there is a character for you among the 21 in Overwatch. McGree the Cow-boy is quick on the trigger, Genji the Ninja can deflect bullets with its sword, Tracer the British agent can rewind time to recover HP, etc. Overwatch is full of all those cliches we’ve grown up with and came to love, but it also gives them actual gameplay application. Although it doesn’t show cutting-edge graphics (textures are average at best), the little animations here makes it incredibly lively. Every character has its own cliche, but super-fun lines which makes the universe of this new IP even more enjoyable. Better still, they sometimes speak in their mother tongue! Genji for example shouts 勇刃の剣を喰らえ! aloud when unsheathing its Dragon Blade. Widowmaker expresses her feelings in French and Mercy in Suiss German. No doubt about it, Overwatch is a ground-breaking FPS and triggers love at first sight.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160603235421

In terms of gameplay also, Overwatch establishes a new paradigm. Characters are divided between some roles that remind us more of RPGs than action games : there are attackers, defenders, “tank” characters and support ones. Widowmaker, as a sniper, is a defender because she can protect objectives by taking out enemies in 1 or 2 shots from afar. Tracer, being quick and unpredictable, is perfect to cut through enemy lines. “Tank” characters like Reinhart have a shitload of HP and defensive capabilities to block assaults. They are used to confuse the opponent team and unsettle their strategy. Support characters will simply heal or give a attack boost to their teammates so that they can hold longer on the frontline. The combinations of those roles and the surprising depth in each hero’s gameplay makes the battles extremely tactical and complex. The possibilities are endless and and you learn how to improve your game every time.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160604003245

Paradoxically, Overwatch has few battle modes despite being a multiplayer-only title. Maps are quite varied, but are always played in the same way. Liujan Tower is always about taking control of a neutral area, Hanamura is played by defending a set territory and Route 66 will always ask attackers to move the now famous payload. Nothing more on Blizzard’s menu, not even team deathmatch or free-for-all. Too bad. But even as it is, impossible to feel bored while playing because maps feature a remarkable architecture, objectives are wisely placed. Defense maps allow long range warfare while payload maps favor mid-range and close-range engagement : everyone is invited. Balance has proved to be rather excellent during those 2 first weeks, it’s not complicated to perform well and have fun with minimum training. Besides, Overwatch values healing/supporting allies, and automatically saves your best killstreaks. It couldn’t be more user-friendly.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160529000425

The heroes all have a range of fancy skills more or less linked to their role : D.Va can deploy a magnetic field to repel attacks, Tracer can teleport so that opponents lose trace of her, widowmaker sets poison traps, Genji throws shurikens, etc. Each character has 2 or 3 special moves classy or/and funny that are just exhilarating to use. Not to mention the ultimate skill, very long to charge but capable to decimate several enemies at once. As for characters, I usually play five of them.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160528174247

She’s the sniper of the game, so clearly for me. The scope of her rifle pops out when you push L2, and you can charge your shoot for maximum firepower. On the contrary hip fire is strictly automatic, although just as powerful to finish off a weakened opponent. It’s actually the architecture of some maps that makes her strengh : the Temple of Anubis on the defense side for example has a certain number of high locations from where she stop the attackers’ progression. Widowmaker having a grapnel to reach high ground, she’s nearly the only to be able to get up there.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160603212817

Hanzô is a seriously cool character but I sometimes have a hard time playing as him as he can’t zoom in like Widowmaker. He fights with a modest bow, but his arrow deal considerable damage to make up for the lesser precision! His “fire rate” is fairly high, allowing skilled players to do some nice killstreaks at mid-range. He is also widely used for counter-sniping. His ultimate is powerful and multi-purpose, he unleashes two large dragons right in front of him and over a long distance.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160529000132

Probably the most interesting character to use. Genji is Hanzô’s brother, and knows the Japanese way of fighting. He throws shurikens as a base attack, but they somewhat lack power to be efficient at short range : like Hanzô, it’s best to fight at mid-range. His R1 ability is absolutely fantastic because he uses his sword to deflect whatever comes at him : your opponent die from their own bullets! But here again, the effect is too weak to make it a real asset. He draws a powerful blade when using his ultimate, but his low HP makes it difficult to achieve a successful assault. I’m fond of this character but his stats are definitely too weak.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160529000031

I thought support characters would but tricky to use but it’s actually not the case. Mercy uses a Caduceus that heals by pressing R2 or increases an ally’s damage with R1. It’s very simple since the game shows you the teammates that need healing in priority (they appear in yellow) and it’s really effective in terms of teamplay. When she has to defend herself, she can switch to her blaster.

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20160528235922

The best character, and not just because she’s sexy and wears an Evangelion suit. The young Korean girl pilots a mech that has 500HP : less than other tank characters, but the machine has high mobility and can dodge easily when the shield is charging. Even better, its cannons have no reload or cooldown!!! That makes D.Va a nightmare for attackers since she can fire at will without pausing, even at long range! When her ultimate is charged, D.Va ejects from her mech after pushing the self-destruct button, the blast radius of which will surprise the opposing team. A bit like this…

But it’s not over yet, because D.Va can keep fighting outside her mech with a blaster of respectable power and range, and summon the robot again after a short while.

Overwatch Tracer

Some regrets? Yes. Too many characters benefit from auto-aim, or overpowered weapons like rocket launchers or those bloody turrets. It’s quite annoying because players who stick to complex characters are giving their best and making tremendous efforts. The other drawback is the lack of story mode. True, you can play against AI opponents, but with such a great character design, it’s almost criminal not to offer a narrative. Strangely enough, it has been done through promotional videos before launch, but nothing of the sort in the game itself : to find out more about the characters, you need to check the official site…

As much as you can be critical of those little things, it’s probably just the start for Blizzard’s new IP. And a great one, Overwatch’s impact on the FPS market is huge. Once you start playing it’s impossible to drop the controller. Both the design and the gameplay are revolutionary enough to hook you for a long time. I think it’s safe to say that Overwatch is already the FPS of the year.

Review – Call of Duty Black Ops III

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151107203657

Never again. That’s what I was saying to myself after the terrible Modern Warfare 3 : never buy again a Call of Duty at launch. But given the positive memories I have from Black Ops I & II and that it’s crucial year given the first Playstation partnership, circumstances make me shed 70€ at this end of year.

Even though the multiplayer was decent at that time, campaign was the main interest in the past Black Ops games. I therefore naturally throw myself into solo play in this third episode.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151107012045

The story of Call of Duty Black Ops III unfolds on a world plagued by natural disasters and civil insurrection. An interesting setting but isn’t being developed correctly afterwards. In the somewhat dull first missions, you face several paramilitary groups and chase a traitor from your unit. Nothing very original or exciting so far.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151109221121

The campaign becomes increasingly enjoyable as it allows you to customize your loadout like you would do in competitive multiplayer. It’s actually the same frame, so it will feel familiar immediately. The other good news is that the weapons are unlocked way faster than in competitive multiplayer, which allowed me to try this little one, the SVG-100, very peculiar bolt-action sniper rifle with its little air vents that cool it down after firing. You are also able to choose an upgrade your DNI, cybernetics equipment. Because in Black Ops III, very much like Deus Ex Human Revolution, you are half-machine.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151108141545

Call of Duy Black Ops III is into futuristic warfare like never a Call of Duty has been before. Besides human soldiers, the campaign will throw you against various robots and mechanical weapons. Their patterns of attack are fairly different from each other, which will surprise the player almost every time. Treyarch does deliver some quality action scenes despite other having little interest (the aircraft sequence for example). It’s even more enjoyable that the campaign-related trophies are unlocked in Hardened difficulty or higher, which makes you give your best and it’s very rewarding. The overcome that, you have the choice between 3 skill trees of cybernetics : hacking, brute force and jamming. This allows you to use the technology according to your own style, or try them all. Jamming can make robots implode or disturb guards, but the must remains hacking enemy mechas to turn them against your opponents!

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151107122546

The campaign is even better with friends in the brand new cooperation mode, huge innovation of Call of Duty Black Ops III. Even though finding a public match turns out to be a headache at times, it’s quite easy to begin any mission with some buddies. The game system emphasizes interdependence and mutual aid because if one player die, the mission is a failure! The cyborgs are more solid and fiercer than ever, for more heated combat. Cooperating with 3 other players really transforms the campaign’s experience : as a sniper, I found myself covering the others from afar, which I can’t do alone. The only drawback is that you can’t filter difficulty, making it necessary to get in and out until you find a suitable game.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151107191133

Despite de very bland start, Black Ops III’s story takes a very different turn compared to other Call of Duty games. The chase of the traitor quickly becomes a desperate struggle against some computer virus affecting soldiers. This is not about patriotic war and stuff, and y the way, your own administration turn out to be shady characters. This bold setting is welcome, even though the narrative is too imprecise to connect the various ideas in it. There is still a somewhat deep design work in Call of Duty Black Ops III, including some psychedelic delirium in the 2nd half and interesting concepts like the Forzen Forest, which personally recalled deep-rooted memories. In its chaos, the story eventually makes relevant sense and develops a vision of what it wants to communicate to the player. The music was quite discreet, except here again the theme of the Frozen Forest.

Graphically speaking, this last entry indeed looks a lot better than the previous PS4 games. The modeling has been refined quite dramatically (it’s obvious when you play Advance Warfare just after), backgrounds and lightning effects are far more impressive, the outlines feel sharper.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta_20150820195255

Then we come to competitive multiplayer, and that’s where Call of Duty Black Ops III fails, horribly. The idea of specialists is good, but there is a snag : they aren’t extremely specialized in whichever way! Just choosing one special move/power between two isn’t much. I did expect passive skills to make a difference. I picked the Outrider, basically the recon class with some kind of modern Ninja look.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta_20150820213545

The bow is as cool as you would expect, but tricky to use and not that much of an advantage in battle. You can modify the range your your shot with the analog button to adapt your current situation, and in any case it makes a small explosion at impact (like the arbalet in Black Ops 1). Note that as it is a Specialist weapon, you can have it only during a certain timeframe. The problem is that you lose it immediately when you are killed, which is not the best choice given how fast the action is. The Outrider’s second tool is a sonar which allows you see nearby enemies through walls, but its reach is far from being good. In the end, the Outrider is a recon soldier without any relevant advantage (not even like the sniper perks of the Modern Warfare series), and actually nothing more than a skin of the standard soldier (when you look at other players, she is never used as a sniper).

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta_20150821225431

Let’s stress again the fantastic general design of Call of Duty Black Ops III, futuristic weapons being crafted in the smallest details. Just look at how precise the modeling of those tiny parts is! It really is a damn fine interface for modern weaponry lovers. The user interface is also splendid : the Specialist here seems to be lurking in what appears to be some sci-fi city like Coruscant.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151107003901

But the dream collapses after just a few hours : the maps are ridiculously tiny and full of obstruction. It is a MIRACLE to have even 30m of range! In those conditions, scoring with a sniper rifle is absolutely impossible. It’s unbelievable : the maps in Modern Warfare 2 were 3 times as large, and that was in a PREVIOUS generation. Look, there are CORRIDORS IN THE FOREST! Multiplayer battle are still 6 vs 6, while Battlefield 4 have been delivering 64 players maps for 2 years now. This translating a very clear intention from the developers to keep the gameplay as poor as possible so that worthless noobs can have fun. And the magnifying of the scopes is pitiful, x2 at best… Seriously, even the PSO1 on my airsoft gives more precise aim!

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151107235714

As always since Modern Warfare 3, the episode of infamy, assault rifles and light machine guns are a lot to precise from any distance for us snipers to win any encounter. Not only that, but run speed has been increased and double jump causes the enemies’ movements to be unpredictable. It’s like duck hunt but here the ducks are hunting you too! Every game is a unbearable confusion of mediocrity and random game design. Team Deathmatch looks like a Free-for-all and Search & Destroy is not even an option given the awful weapon balance. Like my character says when she loses : “I didn’t sign up for this shit”.

I can hardly be satisfied of Call of Duty Black Ops III given its main feature, competitive multiplayer, is broken like never it has been in the series. Campaign was a cool experience, especially in coop, but are 10h of gameplay worth 70€ nowdays? It’s another debate. The illusion of the Frozen Forest echoes another, the ghost of the Call of Duty of the Golden Age when every gameplay style could join the party and have fun. I recommend to keep Advanced Warfare which is a lot more enjoyable in multiplayer, or invest in Battlefield 4 for true sniper gameplay.

Gamescom 2015, the show that missed the boat


Gamescom was kind of the show that was destined to greatness. With 335’000 visitors in 2014 (including the mainstream public, not just the press like E3), it’s the most visited gaming event, and it made the headlines in 2014 with announcements like the (false) exclusivity of Rise of the Tomb Raider for XboxOne. In 2015, the German show just had to score again to establish itself as a major hub for European gaming, different enough from E3 to rival it. That did not happen as Cologne’s assets faded.

Microsoft was the only manufacturer to hold a conference and thus had to set the pace and give added value to Gamescom’s offering. But the reveal of Crackdown 3 or Halo Wars 2 is of little interest to the European consumers at large : far too classic to surprise or impress. Platinum Games’s Scalebound stands out but to me it is kind of a contradiction in itself. You definitely can’t pick a Heroic-Fantasy world with a cool dragon and stuff and mix it with a youngish dudebro to much like DmC’s Dante impostor.

And there is the Mafia III case. Biggest reveal of this Gamescom 2015, there had been at least one tweet per day before the show to inform us that, wow, Mafia III would be an exclusive reveal at Gamescom, of course don’t tell anyone… No seriously, Bethesda leaks during E3 were already ridiculous but 2K’s handling of this is beyond shameful.

Final Fantasy XV was supposed to be the big thing of this Gamescom, but the content shown was so little that it was barely noticeable. I won’t bother you again with the dismal Dawn trailer that tells us even less than the ones of 5 or 10 years ago. The only (and damn short) gameplay above actually informs us that 1/ the frame rate suffers hell (new thing, since it was fine in Duscae) 2/ Xylomids are back! Fantastic, it’s like saying GT7 will have tyres. We’re seriously far of the tremendous expectations FFXV triggers and the numerous questions raised by Duscae. Tabata has missed the boat despite promising a great ride, and that doesn’t bode well for FFXV development in general…

But not everything was terrible and this gameplay of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst makes no mistakes in enhancing the original experience to new generation heights : the inside of the buildings and the outside world, lightning effects are among to best ever shown on a console. The gameplay seems intact and the story darker, with more depth put into charcaters. As many reasons to save the date for it release on February 25th.

Let’s stay at DICE, the best developer on the planet from a technical point of view, with Star Wars Battlefront that presents its aerial gameplay with the usual grandeur and breathtaking style. This is very impressive and I do hope that making a dedicated mode means shifting to more accessible controls because BF4’s aerial vehicles are a real pain.

Kinda discreet showing for Metal Gear Solid V here. The trailer does have a good rhythm, lots of appealing sniper rifles, but reveals little in terms of story… That said, I had the impression I saw Psycho Mantis.

Well, that’s about it… no fresh sniper stuff for Black Ops III, everything was shown at E3, including multiplayer matches that traditionally are premiered at Gamescom. Cologne clearly lost something big here. The European event didn’t do much to promote the Japanese games on the showfloor (or is it the stupid journalists bent on their AAA games all day long?). KoeiTecmo had somewhat a big showing, with games like Samurai Warriors 4-II or Arslan Warriors (which is quite a big manga IP at the moment), and having the most striking reveal in announcing a brand-new Attack on Titan game for all Playstation platforms. Something that should matter for a show neighboring Japan-friendly countries, but nobody in the stupid European game establishment cares. Such a pity.

This Gamescom 2015 downright wasted its trump cards and potential, and went back to a status of “mini-E3”, raising concerns on Europe’s capability to set its own gaming pace without lazily receiving US trends.

Those are the E3 2013 games you need to see


Lightning Returns (PS3/X360)

This newest trailer of the latest episode of the Lightning series had me particularly excited. The game seems darker than ever with Lightning being chased by Noël while engaging a deadly duel with Snow. She’s also sexier than before in outfit no Final Fantasy fan would have imagined possible a few years ago. Let’s also point out that you can now target and cut off parts of the monsters’ body (like it is the case in the Shining series for example)

Battlefield 4 (PS4/X1)

While it is unknown whether sniping will be a bit more enjoyable than in BF3, it’s difficult not to be impressed by this trailer. The way small particles and fumes are rendered by ultra-powerful engine Frostbite 3 shows how much of a gap there is between this gen and the upcoming one.

Mirror’s Edge (PS4/X1)

A big hip hip hip hurrah for Mirror’s Edge 2! Despite the not so good sales of the first one, Faith is back, in great shape and more determined than ever in this short but exhalirating trailer. The broken glass and the light effects prove once more that Frostbite 3 means business.

Metal Gear Solid 5 (PS4/X1)

Lot of delightful new elements in this latest video of MGS5. It gives a first glimpse of the open world promised by Kojima and it’s awesome. The playground seems limitless and already revolutionizes infiltration as well as story-telling. It’s pleasant to see really Kojimaesque characters : freaky and shady, they completely inherit for the Metal Gear DNA. Between Skull Face the merciless gangster, a megalomaniac Otacon or a super-sexy sniper woman called Quiet, fans will welcome back the Metal Gear they love.

Final Fantasy XV (PS4)

But THE video that set E3 on fire, that’s the one of Final Fantasy VersusXIII. The game quits the Lightning series as expected, and officially becoming Final Fantasy XV. This masterpiece of a trailer doesn’t need much explanation, but just notice the psychics of the next gen water, the destruction everywhere around, Noctis’s stylish moves, the giant Leviathan, the FFXII-styled world… After this you can close E3 and cancel everything until this game is release.