Review – Ace Attorney 6 Spirit of Justice

Ace Attorney 6

After two years getting nothing because Capcom’s unwillingness to localize Great Ace Attorney, justice is served for western Ace Attorney fans who can at last come back to court. And they didn’t wait all this time for nothing…


The adventures of the remote ancestor Ryûnosoke are a thing of past (literally, by the way). Phoenix Wright, the unrivaled hero of the series, comes back in his famous blue suit for some exotic story, since it happens abroad for most part. Arrived in the kingdom of Kurain to see his old friend Maya Fey (who was his assistant in the first 3 games), the lawyer now in his thirties will soon get itself into trouble in a judiciary system a bit… original.


Much to his surprise, the very job of defense attorney doesn’t even exist in Kurain. The judiciary system is considered perfect and the defense of the defendant totally pointless. Phoenix becomes therefore the one and only brave enough lawyer to face the prosecution in this weird country which deliver sentences based… on divination! (Very) young princess Leifa is indeed capable of summoning the memory of the victim and showing his/her last moments of life. Which directly brings us to the big innovation of Ace Attorney 6.


At the start of each trial, Leifa will “display” what the deceased has seen just before dying, and you surely guessed that it will be right against your case! That said, the dead don’t lie : what you’ll see is completely true and you can’t accuse Leifa of “lying”. However, her interpretation of the fact is not perfect and she will overlook some small details that are key to explain the course of events. That’s were you must strike : the five senses of the victim are displayed and you must find the one (sight, smell, touch, etc) that doesn’t fit with the prosecution’s theory. When interpretation is busted, Leifa leaves and the trial continues in a normal way, that is to say testimonies to examine and evidence to show at the right time.


As in Ace Attorney Dual Destinies, Pheonix is not alone. Apollo and Athena will take the spotlight in regular trials taking place in the usual regional courtroom. While the Apollo/Trucy duo will sound familiar because being thrown in a case revolving around the young magician’s performance, it’s clear that Capcom doesn’t really know what to do with Athena, her only trial not having the slightest investigation part!


To make up for this, we’re happy to welcome back Simon Blackquill : the prosecutor of Ace Attorney Dual Destines will have a bigger role than his counterparts in the previous episode. Pheonix’s colleagues will face a international prosecutor called Nayuta Samahdi. Monk himself, the character seems almost to far-fetched (even for the series) : his interventions feel repetitive, and he lacks the charisma to live up to Blackquill or even Barok Von Zieks.


Lawyer specialized in psychology, Athena comes back with her famous mood matrix, interface capable of analyzing the witness’s feelings. Used quite a few times in this sixth episode, this system will ask you to find contradictions between the testimony and the displayed mood of the person telling it. The intensity of emotions and the context of the crime are also to be taken into account. This time, you’ll also have to point out and interpret visual elements present in the witness’s subconscious.

Mimi ring

Other gameplay mechanics are still there but more discreet. Apollo will use again its bracelet of truth to detect nervous gestures of people hiding something, and getting them to talk. Pheonix will have a few psy-locks to break : some interlocutors need to be shown a few pieces of evidence to remember stuff or lower their guard. The gameplay variety is thus actually more satisfying than in Great Ace Attorney.


Capcom said they wanted to make Ace Attorney 6 harder so that it wouldn’t look like a mere visual novel. Mission accomplished? Maybe yes, maybe not. The game is very inconsistent in the hints it provides to the player : sometimes you won’t get any help at all, sometimes some allusions may lead you directly to the answer when comes the time to show some proof. Still, this newest episode is back with complex intrigues, countless hypothesis and numerous mysteries. The player’s brainstorming never stops here. Some puzzles were actually nicely tricky, like this one that will hella difficult to localize because based on the Japanese alphabet hiragana.

Akane c

Every time you makes two mistakes in a row, a small “help” command will pop, allowing you to ask the partner’s opinion, who will give more or less directly the solution. Capcom should have found better balance in this, because relying on this option can be felt as a personal defeat by the player, which wouldn’t be the case with the usual hints. Besides, Ace Attorney keeps the “logic path” at the end of each trial. That was far from needed, this system being unnecessary guidance in thinking instead of the player. Another surprising thing is that when you actually lose in a trial, the game doesn’t throw you back at the beginning of the chapter but… exactly where you lost! Saving and game over are just for show : there is no more challenge or pressure.


Ace Attorney 6 does live up to the series’ reputation for its narrative. It then again contain eccentric and amazing characters : among lots of others, the schizophrenic comedian having four personalities, the amnesiac resistance member and… a toy helicopter! All this set of course in a story full of amazing twists and surprises. The intensity of the narrative never goes down in the 50 hours of play or so. The suspense is incredible, the humor is juicy, the emotion will bring you to tears. Impossible to stay unimpressed when the culprits are unmasked or unexpected witness come to court, all the more true that timing coincides with the best music. Reveal the Truth is as good as ever, but Menyo’s theme will rival it this year. Better still, Capcom’s game goes into uncommon topics like Rakugo, traditional Japanese comedy, making its content fresh and original. Interesting also to point out that the last chapter starts on a civil case, a first that makes for an unforgettable confrontation.


Cherry on the cake, the publisher had some free content ready just after the release of the game in Japan. It’s composed a full additional chapter and two mini-trials. While the latter are mainly fun stuff and parody, the chapter toki o koeru gyakuten adds 20% of content free of charge! It’s as cleverly written as the main chapters, and reunites Phoenix, Maya, Edgeworth and Larry Butz for a trial like “the good old times”. Series veterans, you will be thrilled.

Years go by but Ace Attorney never lowers the experience. Innovating, fascinanting by its well directed narrative, Ace Attorney 6 is a gem for lovers of puzzles and good stories. We’d have wanted Capcom to be more cautious with the gameplay, but it’s nevertheless a huge hit.

Review – Great Ace Attorney


While Pheonix Wright spends a well-earned vacation, the Ace Attorney series knows no pause and jumps more than 100 years in the past. This time, you will bring justice in Meiji era Japan and Victorian Britain.

Whereas Ace Attorney Dual Destines symbolized the twilight of the judiciary system, Great Ace Attorney describes its early days. Indeed in the early Meiji era, the job of lawyer itself just had been created and there’s much to do to ensure fair trials. In this context, Asôgi Kazuma is sent to learn as much as possible about modern law in the most advanced country in the field : Great Britain. That’s the first problem of this new episode : Naruhodo Ryunosuke, the main character, is not a lawyer and doesn’t even wish to become one before being forced by the circumstances. So from the very start, he looks rather shallow compared to our usual hero in blue suit.

GAA lady

The transition is very awkward and weights on the narrative in a whole, which ends up uneven. The first trial taking place in the Japanese capital is very exciting, with a number of crazy plot twists and an historical context amazingly illustrated. The Westernization of Japan is described here like it is in Natsume Sôseki’s I am a Cat. It is pretty fun to witness the cultural and economic differences between Japan and the West at that time, as it triggers a lot of hilarious anecdotes. In brief, everything from the costumes to the politics is brilliant of authenticity and history-lovers should love it. Follows a second chapter rather dull, without any trial, and its conclusion is so stupid that the player is left with mixed feelings.

GAA Sherlock

The (very large) part taking place in the UK immediately revives the interest. Once again, the general design is absolutely fantastic. First of all, the mischievous Sherlock Holmes takes the scene in a very surprising manner, but efficient nonetheless. Every chapter of Great Ace Attorney is introduced like a Sherlock Holmes novel, the second one being no less than an extremely clever parody of The Speckled Band! The great detective is like you’d imagine, very confident in himself and a bit mocking, but there’s a small difference : his conclusion are all far-fetched! This brings us to one of the new feaures. When investigating a location, Sherlock Holmes will make some unrealistic hypothesis : it will be up to you to “correct” it and find out the truth by pointing out the right detail. That said, there are not a lot of those phases, nor are they very complex. In spite of this, Great Ace Attorney full of delicious easter eggs for the readers of Arthur Conan Doyle’s series.


It’s still a pleasure to wander in past London, where we appreciate once more the genius character design that made the series famous. The secondary characters have been designed in great detail : from the old officer of the British army proud of its service to Scotland Yard, the various situations and conversations of this episode are as good as ever. Cherry on cake, one of your client will be Natsume Sôseki himself! The famous Japanese novelist is totally eccentric, speaking time to time in yojijukugo, those idioms in four kanjis. All that is greatly enhanced by the soundtrack, which contains delightful melodies in investigation, and exhilarating themes in the key moments. Confess the Truth 2015 in particular is sumptuous composing, ideal for the turning points of the trials. On the other, I lament the fact that some characters haven’t been shown in more depth : Susato ends up being a rather classic sidekick without any big role (although Athena had her own chapter in Ace Attorney Dual Destinies) and prosecutor Barok Von Zieks never appears outside the courtroom. That’s the first time the main antagonist haven’t got a proper background, quite a shame…

GAA fairplay

The trials of Great Ace Attorney don’t differ much from the traditional gameplay of the series, that is to say showing the right piece of evidence at the right moment. Even though the game rises the challenge a bit by avoiding unnecessary hints like Ace Attorney Dual Destinies had, the evidence list is often not that big and the cases didn’t feel as complex or surprising as in the previous games. That still leaves the fun of solving cases without modern scientific investigations, with weird means like the music box or the botanic book. The game system introduces the jury in the decision process, but doesn’t really change things much as it’s heavily scripted. It’s very much like the multi-witness system seen in Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney (which also comes back in this game) for you simply have to find the contradictions between the jury members.

The 3rd chapter is quite exciting as it’s very tense, and delivers some deep thinking about the lawyer’s role (a it like in the end of Justice for All) : should Naruhodo believe his client at all costs? Should he win by any means? His carrier or the truth? The stakes are high and our young jurist faces a tough choice, and so is the player. The 4th chapter is way less interesting (common crime, unsurprising solving) but fortunately the last one comes to a deeper and more emotional conclusion. The broader story appears more complex by adding a lot of political or technological elements connected to each other. Generally, this latest Ace Attorney comes further close to a visual novel rather than being a puzzle game.

GAA unknown

The last issue with this game is that there are some mysteries left unexplained. The culprit of the first trial flees and you don’t know anything about his motive. The question regarding The Hound of the Baskervilles doesn’t find an answer. Worse, those two characters are shown 15 seconds to never be seen again in the narrative! Is that a sign of a chaotic development or of an upcoming sequel? I would wish for the latter. Another serious letdown : dubbing. Altough the trailers shown before the game came out were all fully voiced, everything has vanished in the final version! It’s as mute as the other entries. When you think that even modest Vita visual novels include full dubbing, some complaining is in order. All the more annoying that Capcom also forbids us from taking screenshots via the Miiverse. Tight budget? Last minute hesitations? Great Ace Attorney looks unfinished…

Uneven, questionable on some parts, Great Ace Attorney is nonetheless fascinating in the fun provided by the characters, the beauty of its design and the outstanding historical rendering. A game definitely enjoyable and moving towards the end, even though the gameplay doesn’t shine like in previous episodes.

Enough of E3! Let’s talk about other games! #2015

Yoru no Nai Kuni (PS4/PS3/PSVita)


After barren months full of bullshit, Gust makes its great return with the new IP they had promised long ago. Yoru no Nai Kuni, Nightless Country probably when localised, is an Action-RPG that plays a lot like Drakengard 3, yuri elements added. The main character Arnas will also be able to summon creatures & demons and even transform into them. Graphically speaking, it is much like the latest Atelier titles, that is to say good character models but barren environments. No catch this time, Yoru no Nai Kuni releases on PS4, PS4 and PSVita at the same time.

Blanc + Neptune Tag vs Zombie Army (PSVita)

Blanc g1

Blanc won the popularity poll of the Neptunia series in late 2014 (I would like to recount the votes though), and has thus the privilege to be the star of this new spin-off. New? Nothing sure about that so far, since it seems to directly inherit the assets of Neptunia U Action Unleashed, plus the school setting and the multiplayer mode.

Tokyo Xanadu (PSVita)

Rion a

Falcom is hungry for challenge. Rather than rushing Sen no Kiseki III, the rising Japanese developer invests in a new IP exclusive to PSVita! Tokyo Xanadu trades Heroic Fantasy for urban legends and will explore parallel worlds to the Japanese capital. This Action-RPG will have you control a duo of characters, with of course combined attacks like in Sen no Kiseki. Falcom’s genius design needs no introduction and the graphics seem slightly above Sen no Kiseki II.

Valkyrie Drive (PSVita)

Rinka Ranka b

The Senran Kagura license takes a pause and Kenichiro Takaki takes up the consumer game part of the media mix project Valkyrie Drive. Titled Bikkhuni (no, not bikini), the game seems to take the recipe of its model. Not much details have been shared to date, we’ll have to wait until its simultaneous release with the anime Mermaid and the smartphone game Siren that share the same universe.

Kan Colle Kai (PSVita)

Vita UI

Tired to see Nintendo and Intelligent Systems doing nonsense like CodeName STEAM instead of delivering Advance Wars 5? Kan Colle kai is for you! In this turn-based strategy game will have you build squads of shipgirls to counter the dark army of the Abyss. Be careful though, their gear is sensitive to impacts. This port of the ultra successful browser game is going to be a Vita best-seller if preorders are to be believed.

Ace Attorney 5 (3DS)

One of the (numerous) missing games of the Nintendo Digital Event, Great Ace Attorney prepares its summer release in Japan. The preorders are dangerously low but it won’t prevent it to become a reference of the 3DS line-up this year. Benefiting from Capcom’s technical mastery to make a gorgeous 3DS game (which Nintendo doesn’t even try anymore), this latest entry also appeals by its leap back in time. Great Ace Attorney explores the Japanese & British Empires in the end of the 19th century, with astonishingly appropriate design. I recently played the short demo dropped on the Japanese e-shop and it already looks FAN-TAS-TIC!

Makai Shin Trillion (PSVita)


Always delayed, never hit, the fateful day arrives for Makai Trillion. I will get my most awaited game on July 23rd. Despite two delays, the hype is still intact thanks to the regular Dengeki articles that have shown tons of new bizarre NPCs, amazing artwork, details on the progression systems and suspense. Compile Heart’s game actually features permadeath like Fire Emblem, so the choices will be heavy. The user interface shown above has a flurry of parameters such as friend level, fatigue, money, and many tabs that pretty much guarantees extensive management. Atelier’s succession might be here.

My games of the year 2013 (GoTY 2013)

Best action game


Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge (PS3)

We badly harassed Tecmo Koei Europe to get this one. Abusively taken by those filthy Kyoto pilferers, this great action game came back to us and that’s only justice. Its immense difficulty is tiring but refreshing, the gameplay is fantastic from A to Z and the multiplayer has grown perfect.

Runner-up : Orochi Warrior 3 Ultimate (PSVita)

Best shooter

Battlefield 4 (PS4)

Already fairly good on PS3, Battlefield is transcended thanks to the power of the PS4. It’s now filled with details, effects are as close to reality as they can get, and the bangings makes you freak out even more. But above all, it is the 64-player Conquest Mode that takes console players to another dimension. Pure war across kilometers, vehicles for everyone and recon job better than ever.

Runner-up : none

Best fighting game

Marie Rose b

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (PS3)

Well that was easy, true. But Dead or Alive still reigns over the fighting genre, when the competition is focusing on underwhelming Free to Play. DOA5U is only a little step further compared to DOA5, but it does give some easy trophies and it will soon welcome the most desired character ever : Gothic Lolita Marie-Rose.

Runner-up : SoulCalibur II HD (PS3)

Best strategy game

Dracaufeu mega Y

Pokemon XY (3DS)

It’s not very strategic, but Pokemon Y is probably as much a strategy game as a JRPG. Despite the blank story and the super low level of difficulty, this newest episode is addictive as ever thanks to character design and top graphics.

Runner-up : World in Conflict (PC)

Best puzzle game

Ace Attorney Dual Destinies (3DS)

Phoenix Wright is back for greater good! The game is so beautiful that it looks like an animated series, the characters are as hilarious as ever, it has a top-class story and a thrilling suspense. All the more reasons to dive into the quickest and rightest judiciary system in the world.

Runner-up : Sim City (PC)

Best RPG

ToX2 a

Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3)

Succeeding to the great Tales of Xillia was not easy. Yet Tales of Xillia 2 is greater. Better story, better direction and very nice new characters add quite some value to a already near -perfect battle system.

Runner-up : Atelier Escha&Logy (PS3)

Best music

Atelier Ayesha (PS3)

Equally great, now more varied, the OSTs of the Atelier series are well above average. In Atelier Ayesha, introductions, endings, battle themes and background music are all masterpieces. It logically gets the palm. Good for it that it release this year, because the next…

Runner-up : Fairy Fencer F (PS3)

Best story

Remember Me (PS3)

Everyone forgot about it, but I will remember it. Remember Me creates one the most fascinating world this generation. The parallel European History is so credible that it could actually happen in the next 20 years. You can look into your memories, you’ll never find the true meaning of Remember Me.

Runner-up : Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (PS3)

Best game you might never play

Sol Trigger (PSP)

Sol Trigger is one of the best RPG released on the previous handheld generation. It has intense fighting, a great story and the best graphic of a PSP game ever. Publishers should really have a look at it when there’s time, because Westerners definitely shouldn’t miss gems like that.

Runner-up : God Eater 2 (PSVita)

Biggest letdown

Idol Neptune PP (PSVita)

I didn’t really expect anything from it, and yet I was disappointed. Even for a spin-off, I wanted it at least to live up to the standards of the series. It’s not long, it’s not fun, it’s not complex. It’s only good to eye up on Noire (^^’)

Runner-up : Stardust Amazones (3DS)

Best innovation

Lightning R j

Lightning Returns (PS3)

While the last adventure of Lightning doesn’t avoid a few drawbacks, I can’t help to be impressed but the work done at Square Enix to give a fresh look at this latest Final Fantasy. I’m used to play on limited time with Atelier, but in real time it’s greater still! You’re running day and night, your eye staring at the clock. You curse your enemies that make you lose precious time, you panic at night… It’s clearly unique.

Runner-up : Journey (PS3)

Best DLC

header Senbonzakura a

Project Diva f – Oomiji pack (PSVita)

The DLC that «completes» the Vita version of Project Diva F to match the PS3 version is one of my favorite added content of all time. Expensive (3000 yens), it’s worth much more than that. Senbonzakura alone is.

Runner-up : Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – Blade Wolf DLC (PS3)

Best graphics


Killzone ShadowFall (PS4)

Greatest piece of technology of this beginning of gen, Killzone ShadowFall is mind-blowing. Colors, lightning effects, background effects, all that didn’t exist anywhere but on PC. It looks exactly like Star Wars Episode III, it’s as simple as that.

Runner-up : Battlefield 4 (PS4)

 Game of the year


Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3)

  Atelier Escha&Logy (PS3)

  Atelier Ayesha (PS3)

  Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge (PS3)

Review – Ace Attorney Dual Destinies

Five years. Five long years that Phoenix Wright hadn’t be in court for the hilarious trials of the Ace Attorney series. True, his best friend and rival Miles Edgeworth did come to our DS, but only once out of two, the second game sadly having never been localized. In this particular context, Ace Attorney 5 coming at us is rather crucial and we shouldn’t leave this gesture by Capcom unanswered.

First of all, this game is BEAUTIFUL. It looks as good as no game on 3DS ever and puts Nintendo’s games for its own system to shame. The characters are so well detailed and animated that it reminded me of Fire Emblem cut-scenes. All this including the legendary talent of the devs to offer us eccentric characters with extreme personalities, weird but extremely fun behavior. In short, AA5 is the best-looking I’ve seen on 3DS by leagues.

Adding to its fantastic humor, the game is no less relevant in judiciary themes, as it has always been in the series. All scenarios (i.e. the cases at hand) revolves around something called «the dark age of Justice». A period plagued with fabricated evidence, false accusations and a growing defiance towards the judiciary system. Even though the chapters are different from each other, for most part they keep being linked to this topic, highlighted by a mysterious bombing inside the court. This particular narrative gives a great significance to the game in a whole. Like in a good TV thriller, the player feels deeply involved in the story. 

Storytelling has been thought with great care. The second case might seem a bit weak in this department, you will be stuck at on your 3DS for everything else. A example of the effort made by Capcom on this : the beginning of the game is very different from the demo to ensure maximum pleasure of discovery. The scenario has some awesome twists, music is as classy as ever and the very end is near perfect.

The gameplay doesn’t vary much from the past episodes, you still have to show the right evidence at the right time to win trials, and discuss with witnesses in investigation parts. The big thing in AA5 is Athena’s capacity to analyze the emotions of people : those sequences are fairly numerous and offer diverse approach. It’s really a great add to series, much more interesting than the «Logic» in Ace Attorney Investigations. In theory, it’s about finding emotions that contradicts the current statement, but in practice it’s far richer. Past features like psy-locks and Apollo’s ring of truth are present too, but don’t occur very often. Investigation has lost any interest as you can investigate only 2 locations per case, and the game indicates everything.

As for characters, AA5 makes a balance between the three main protagonists, each of them having his own trial to win. I really appreciate this willingness to get rid of the «sidekick» role and allowing less important characters take the spotlight, even if it means less Phoenix (and believe me, you never have enough Phoenix). Your opponent, Simon Blackquill, is a truly great character that will instantly wipe out Klavier, who I thought didn’t really fit to the job. Talking about this, Klavier and many other make a comeback, but it’s always very short and they doesn’t make much sense in the story. But yeah, it’s always nice to see them.

The only thing I’m disappointed of is the level of difficulty. Like I said, investigation has been reduced to a check-list, so you no longer have to search for this little thingy in the flower pot but it does save time). The green life bar doesn’t have any more importance, because when you lose you get back exactly where you were with a full one. It really damages the thrill of the game during trials. Not only this, but as in Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, the hints given here and there are far too direct and it skips the reasoning. Worse, when you do lose, the game has like a special help window for you to get closer to the solution (but you’re free to use it or not). I understand that nowadays publishers want to avoid that players feel frustrated, but it does hurt the challenge. Of course there still are many parts that will melt your brain, but it’s just not as great as before.

Despite this, Ace Attorney 5 is a super great game, long (more than 30 hours) and hooking. You English-speaker won’t have any problem with language (us French sometimes do), but some may need to get over their fear of digital games. Indeed, AA5 will be available only on the 3DS e-shop. It is more than worth it, and will surely determine the future of Ace Attorney in the West.

Most anticipated games in 2013

Lightning Returns (PS3)

Lightning Returns (PS3)

I’ve been soooooo excited since the reveal trailer of the last adventures of Lightning, whom I revere. Yet the trailer is lame overall, because it doesn’t show one bit of what is gonna change for the better in Lightning Returns : constant and changing world, various interactions depending on the moment of the day, deeper customization… Those who had already buried the FFXIII saga could well be surprised.

Atelier Ayesha (PS3)

It’s going to be hard for Ayesha to dethrone princess Meruru. But if those newest Alchemy centric adventures are even remotely close to its predecessor, we no doubt have another fantastic and addictive title incoming.

Shining Ark (PSP)

Shining Blade was one of those games that look disappointing when you play, but that let you precious memories. Ace illustrator Tony Taka’s art is one of the main reasons for that and has decided me to put on call option on this series again. Coming with again great music and enriched with a new crafting/agricultural system, Shining Ark now just needs to be a little more difficult than its predecessor to enter the legend, given it features no less than Sephiroth’s long lost daughter.

God Eater 2 (PSVita)

Supposed to have been released last spring, God Eater 2 is one year late! But for greater good, since it comes in a full-fledged PSVita version! This is excellent for PSVita in Japan, and for our eyes, perfect occasion to hunt invaders in this post apocalyptic action/RPG.

Senran Kagura – Shinobi Versus (PSVita)

Excellent surprise of this beginning of portable generation, Senran Kagura leaves the hostile and region-locked environment of the 3DS to come to the Japanese PSVitas and therefore… yours! It will be interesting to see to what extend the popularity of the series can expand around the blog once it is freed form these shackles. This newest episode welcomes back all the previous characters and adds equally more. The leap in graphics is astonishing, the stages are open and the physics of the outfits is more… precise than ever.

Sim City (PC)

My brand-new PC is now running and eagerly awaits March. Never management in video games will have been so meticulous, and online possibilities should introduce competition and live markets. All my appointments for March are canceled.

Ace Attorney 5 (3DS)

Phoenix Wright must have been tired of his retirement, and so were we. After his medieval return along with Professor Layton, he’s again ready to barge in Japanese courts for hilarious new trials with graphics never seen on 3DS.

Legend of Heroes – Trails of the Flash (PSVita)

I know this series by reputation only, but I’ve got a hunch I shouldn’t overlook this newest episode inserting itself in an increasingly busy Vita schedule in Japan. Curiosity makes me explore new frontiers. The attractive design of Legend of Heroes, along with top-notch tech, could make this a real gem.