Those are the E3 2013 games you need to see


Lightning Returns (PS3/X360)

This newest trailer of the latest episode of the Lightning series had me particularly excited. The game seems darker than ever with Lightning being chased by Noël while engaging a deadly duel with Snow. She’s also sexier than before in outfit no Final Fantasy fan would have imagined possible a few years ago. Let’s also point out that you can now target and cut off parts of the monsters’ body (like it is the case in the Shining series for example)

Battlefield 4 (PS4/X1)

While it is unknown whether sniping will be a bit more enjoyable than in BF3, it’s difficult not to be impressed by this trailer. The way small particles and fumes are rendered by ultra-powerful engine Frostbite 3 shows how much of a gap there is between this gen and the upcoming one.

Mirror’s Edge (PS4/X1)

A big hip hip hip hurrah for Mirror’s Edge 2! Despite the not so good sales of the first one, Faith is back, in great shape and more determined than ever in this short but exhalirating trailer. The broken glass and the light effects prove once more that Frostbite 3 means business.

Metal Gear Solid 5 (PS4/X1)

Lot of delightful new elements in this latest video of MGS5. It gives a first glimpse of the open world promised by Kojima and it’s awesome. The playground seems limitless and already revolutionizes infiltration as well as story-telling. It’s pleasant to see really Kojimaesque characters : freaky and shady, they completely inherit for the Metal Gear DNA. Between Skull Face the merciless gangster, a megalomaniac Otacon or a super-sexy sniper woman called Quiet, fans will welcome back the Metal Gear they love.

Final Fantasy XV (PS4)

But THE video that set E3 on fire, that’s the one of Final Fantasy VersusXIII. The game quits the Lightning series as expected, and officially becoming Final Fantasy XV. This masterpiece of a trailer doesn’t need much explanation, but just notice the psychics of the next gen water, the destruction everywhere around, Noctis’s stylish moves, the giant Leviathan, the FFXII-styled world… After this you can close E3 and cancel everything until this game is release.

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