But where do those names in JRPGs come from? (D)




Final Fantasy X-2 : Deva is a demonic-looking monster.

Origin : Zoroastrianism

In Avestan language, generic term for demon.



Final Fantasy X : Yojimbo’s dog

Origin : Manga

子連れ狼 (Kotsure Ôkami, Lone Wolf and Cub in English) is a manga by Kazuo Koike published in the 70’s. It tells the vengeance of Ôgami Ittô, a high-rank shogunate officer, against the Yagyû clan. One day he comes home, he finds his wife assassinated next to their 1-year old son Daigoro. The father then gives him the choice between a ball and a sword. If the boy catches the ball, Ittô would kill him. But Daigoro gets close to the sword, and his father considers he’s chosen the path of the warrior. Hence he takes his son along in its crusade.



Project X Zone : Dante is one of the numerous guest characters

Origin : History of Italy

Dante Alighieri is an Italian author of the 13th century. He’s often regarded as the greatest poet in Italian language, notably for its masterpiece, the Divine Comedy. He also had an important political role for he was appointed high magistrate of Florence in 1300. However, because of internal strife at that time, he was banished of the city in 1302. Banishment that was lift in… 2008!

Divine Comedy


Final Fantasy : the name of Ifrit’s attack (French version)

Origin : Italian literature

Very famous and long poem by Dante Alighieri that tells the road from Hell to Paradise. Dante puts himself in hard trials by which he will atone for his sins, helped by the poet Virgil. Dante starts in a dark wood symbolizing its worst sins, where Virgil tells him to take a long a tiring side path, presumably through Gool and Evil, so as to avoid the sins. Then he and Virgil go down deep in Hell, witnessing the suffering of sinners and traitors (notice that the traitors, considered as the most evil humans on Earth, are tortured at the deepest level), and then exit to Purgatory and Paradise.



Golden Sun : summon beasts in this series

Origin : the Koran

Djinns are invisible creatures said to be born from fire. They can be of various forms (animal, plant, antropomorphic…). Like humans, they have free will and can be inclined for good, evil or neutrality. 



Final Fantasy VI : boss depicted as an undead chariot driver

Origin : Irish legends

Dullahans are said to be spirits that can take off their head, which they generally bear under their arm. Travelling in a chariot which is in fact a coffin, they drive a black horse with a whip is is no other than a human backbone. When the Dullahan stops, it means that someone will die. It calls that person, who dies on the spot.



Final Fantasy X : a blade for Tidus

Origin : French literature

In Roland’s Song, epic of the 11th century telling the glory of knight Roland, Durandal is the sword that he wields during the battle of Ronceveaux moutain pass. Injured to death by the Vascones, Roland tries to smash the blade into pieces on a huge rock to avoid that the enemy seizes it, but the rock was destroyed instead.


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