But where do those names in JRPGs come from? (C)

Cid dans la baston

Let’s have a pause during this Easter week-end before resuming the busy release calendar. The third letter, strangely enough, revolves around a small region of Ireland.


Yuna arme 2

Final Fantasy X : A staff for Yuna with the Pharmacology ability, which boosts the effect of healing items

Origin : Greek mythology

The caduceus is Hermes’s staff in the legends. Apollo is said to have given it to him in exchange for a lyre or/and panpipes. The scepter is represented with two snakes curled around it, facing each other, and a pair of small wings on its top. The wings illustrate the role of messenger : Iris, Hera’s messenger, holds the caduceus in some works. The snakes symbolize either peace or desire depending on the stories. The caduceus is said to be able to bring a gentle death to living, and revive the dead.

Caith sith


Final Fantasy VII : Strange cat mounted on a big stuffed animal

Origin : Celtic legends

In Scotland, it is said that ghostly black cats haunt the Highlands. Caith Sith are said to steal souls.



Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn : Caladbolg is a sword for Edward.

Origin : Ulster cycle

The sword of Fergus mac Roich. Fergus uses it to wreak havoc on the Ulstermen during the attack of Ulster.



Final Fantasy : a cute summon beast with a red gem on his head

Origin : Book of Imaginary Beings

In his work, Spanish author Jorge Luis Borges mention a strange creature with jewel on its head. The Carbuncle is said to live somewhere in South America. Besides, the word appears to qualify a red gem in some translations of the Bible.


Caligula ca

Caligula : title of a new RPG for PSVita by Furyu

Origin : Roman history

Roman emperor who reigned from 37 to 41 AD. After a benevolent start of reign, he progressively turns himself into a merciless tyrant, sentencing several members of the senate to death. He is murdered by the praetorian guard in January 41.



Final Fantasy X : monster with three heads of various animals, and a snake as a tail

Origine : Greek mythology

The Chimera first appear in Homer’s Iliad as “a thing of immortal make, not human, lion-fronted and snake behind, a goat in the middle, and snorting out the breath of the terrible flame of bright fire”. Later, the poet Hesiod counts in Theogony how the hero Bellerophon slays the Chimera with the help of the flying horse Pegasus.



Final Fantasy : God or bad, scientist or soldier, there’s always a character called Cid in Final Fantasy.

Origine : History of Spain

Rodrigo Diaz is a great figure of the Spanish Reconquista. Opportunist, he sides with the Moors (Muslim tribes that controlled the south of the peninsula then) when the King stops supporting him. His contribution to countless victories earns him the title of El Cid (“the master” in Arabic). By forming various alliance but still against King Alfonso VI, he fights in the siege of Valencia from 1092 to 1094, city which he will rule until his death in 1099.

Conall Curach


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : Conall Curach is a very dangerous marsh.

Origin : Ulster cycle

The troublemaker Bricriu invites Cuchulainn, Conall Cernach and Loegaire Buadach to a feast, promising to each of them the champion’s portion. Despite Cuchulainn clearly being on top, everyone of them claims the champion’s part. To settle the conflict, the three have to take a last challenge. A giant churl appears and asks that someone cuts its head, and to come to get his head cut the following day. Conall and Loegaire cut the head of the churl but disappear the following morning. Cuchulainn does go back the following day, but the churl spares him, making him worthy of the champion’s portion.

Despite being rivals, Conall and Cuchulainn swear that they shall avenge one another should one of them be killed. Conall therefore kills Lugaid after Cuchulainn’s death.



Final Fantasy XII : Cuchulainn is a ugly creature living in Rabanastre’s sewers

Origin : Ulster cycle

Young Cuchulainn is so beautiful that Ulstermen fear he will steal their wives and ruin their daugthers. Thus they go find the most beautiful girl in Ireland, Emer, to marry him. Her father, Forgall, refuses tough until Cuchulain is fully trained by the swordmaster Scathach (secretly hoping the young man would die in the process). Cuchulainn indeed finds his match in Aife (a wowan rumored to be his half-sister in some versions). He narrowly defeats Aife but lets her live provided they have a child, which they do. Cuchulainn claims Emer’s hand once returned, but Forgall still won’t listen, so Cuchulainn kills everyone in his castle and abducts Emer.

A the age of seventeen, Cuchulainn plays a great role in defending Ulster from the army of Connacht, led by queen Medb. Although allowing the enemy to enter the city at first because he was with a woman, Cuchulainn prevents them from advancing further by calling the right of single combats and fords. He defeats several opponents but ends up severely wounded. The god Lugh puts him to sleep during three days so that his wounds heal. When we wakes up and realizing that Ulstermen were slaughtered, he transforms into an hideous and shapeless monster unable to distingiush friends from foes, and kills hundreds.


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