Most anticipated games for 2016

Genei Ibun Roku #FE (WiiU)


Well I’m not waiting for it any more since I’m playing it right now but I was really curious about this mix between Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem, which turned out to be a girl game like we have loads of them on PSVita. Cute girls, swimsuits, turn-based tactial battle, vocaloid music… Everything’s green as far as I’m concerned.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Gôka Kenran (PSVita)

Asterisk ca1

The Gakusen Toshi Asterisk anime has been a rather good pick, especially in terms of cast with mostly interesting characters. Hence my anticipation for the Vita game which will include combat between all the characters and a choice-based dating sim.

Kan Colle kai (PSVita)

Vita UI

If it ever sees the light of the day, Kan Colle Vita is highly interesting to me because it could become the spiritual successor to Intelligent Systems’ long lost Advance Wars. You play as an admiral sent to defend territorial waters against the mysterious Fleet of the Abyss. Your units are ships represented by… girls.

Hero Must Die (PSVita)

bookwalker 08/07/2015 , 22:25:28 BOOK?WALKER for Windows - Viewing screen

Rather discreet title form Nippon Ichi Software so far, Hero Must Die is a classic and very original JRPG which starts just after the hero has defeated the final boss (!). The hero is in bad shape and has only a few days left to quell the remaining conflicts. He will meet several buddies who will take up from him. The player will thus learn progressively what happened as the hero’s burial gets close.

Atelier Shallie Plus (PSVita)


More than the previous Vita ports, Atelier Shallie Plus will be the definitive edition of Atelier Shallie. Although paying full price to cover up THEIR mistakes is a pain in the a**, how not to be curious about the real conclusion of the Dusk trilogy? Logy and Ayesha make a triumphant comeback in a revamped adventure, less naïve and with more solid character events.

SummonNight 6 Lost Borders (PSVita/PS4)


That will be my first time playing SummonNight, essentially because the girl has a cool sniper rifle. So actually I can’t tell you more, since I know next to nothing about the series. I’ll discover everything on release, which is for the best I think.

Pokemon Tournament (WiiU)

PT Lucario

Although it includes very unexpected fighters like Suicune, Pokemon Tournament should have no problem becoming the most interesting home console entry since Gamecube’s Colosseum. BandaiNamco, who co-develops the game, has proven talent in the field and the graphics look absolutely gorgeous.

The Division (PS4)


Ubisoft’s new game has had some valuable trailers and gameplay sequences let imagine an interesting western action-RPG. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic New York, it’s a struggle for survival in a devastated city in which you’ll have to shoot you way through. Being a cooperative title with high-end graphics and a mysterious setting, I can’t wait to check it out.

Project Diva X (PSVita/PS4)

Miku PDX

Project Mirai being dead and buried, Sega gets back to the Hastune Miku’s main series on PSVita next March, and on PS4 in Autumn. Adding to a new original tracklist and loads of new outfits, a quest mode will give some fresh air to the gameplay with dialogs between the characters and objectives to meet.

Star Ocean 5 (PS4)

SO5 &

Being a big Star Ocean fan, no way I can miss this long-awaited 5th episode. Not especially impressed by the TGS demo or the characters in general, I’ll be more curious about story-telling and gameplay, that always have been strong in the series.

SAO Hollow Realization (PSVita/PS4)


Here’s a one I’m not too impatient about given Lost Song having been a terrible experience. Sword Art Online Hollow Realization returns to Aincrad, which I suspect is a way to milk the SAO without taking too much risk. I was personally expecting a Phantom Bullet game… Let’s see if the new original story set in Sword Art Origin (as they call it) will avoid repeating Lost Song’s mistakes. The game has already made definite progress on th graphic side, so why not?

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (PS4)


Faith jumps into the next generation and comes to a vast and neat world which should revolutionize the original experience : numerous ways to reach the objectives and maybe random side-quests on the roofs. The IP also said farewell to arms so as to underline the free run orientation.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided (PS4)

Deus Ex MD

Last game of the 2016 western trio, Deus Ex Mankind Divided benefits from the good (and deserved) reception of Human Revolution, which still remains the best western game of last gen to me. Let’s expect an equally deep and meaningful story, a great atmosphere like the previous ones had, and let’s hope the action-oriented scenes shown were just PR.

No Man’s Sky (PS4)


I’ve talked about it a lot, No Man’s Sky challenge is to make space exploration great again, with true and varied discoveries, a deep game system and innovative interactions. That’s a lot to take up at once, but if it succeeds, it will mark its time.

Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)


I don’t play racing games that much anymore, but I’ll have to save some time for the new Gran Turismo, the one and only car game I need, since it’s the most beautiful and stylish. And I remember my younger days…

Persona 5 (PS4)


The TGS trailer of Persona 5 was stunning, I re-watched it countless times. Style, atmosphere, scenario, battles, exploration, characters, side activities… Atlus’s next hit seems to do everything perfectly. The summer will be hot.

Ace Attorney 6 (3DS)


Phoenix Wright’s vacation will be short. The famous attorney objects back in a new adventure taking place a remote country where attorneys don’t exist, reason being that justice uses… divination! Bringing back associate attorneys Apollo and Athena, Ace Attorney will also introduce a new female rival.

NieR Automata (PS4)


NiER Automata’s case is simple : it’s developed by Platinum Games, directed by SquareEnix’s elite, so it definitely must become the action GoTY. The whole concept of an android heroine is appealing, the world at large seems to be thought with care… All that remains is playing it actually, and maybe we can finally say good riddance to the dark witch and her unacceptable infidelities.

Final Fantasy XV (PS4)

FFXV car b

That’s another game I wait for without real hype. Final Fantasy XV wasted time in 2015, and the excitement of the re-announcement is long gone. All we have learned in a little more than one year is that there will be chocobos, xylomids, fishing and a lot of work to actually transform what was in the demo in a major JRPG. No sight of a damn city, nothing! It’s clear that FFXV needs a lot more fantasy in its communication.

Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)


Flattening FFXV in terms of charisma, Final Fantasy VII Remake seems to approach at high speed given how advanced was the video shown at Playstation Experience. The Kingdom Hearts-style hybrid gameplay seems to fit and the characters have perfectly re-created for the PS4. Episodic? Why not? Such is the value of a legend.

Tales of Berseria (PS4)

Velvet a

Last year I was in a wait and wee approach towards Tales of Zestiria, but it ended up being my second-favorite game of 2015. So I’ll just do the same and wait peacefully for Tales of Berseria and its heroine Velvet whose background seems dark and beastly.

Gravity Daze 2 (PS4)

GD2 a

That was not the system I expected to play it on, but it can’t be helped I guess. Gravity Daze 2 on PS4 should revolutionize anti-gravity with an incomparable level of details, multiple interactions and a possible multiplayer mode, which would be super cool.

Valkyria Azure Revolution (PS4)

Ophilia c

I’m not sure it will be released in 2016, I wouldn’t even bet on it but… I FU** CRAVE FOR IT! Reborn from the ashes thanks to Steam (thank you, PC players!), the Valkyria IP slips further on its RPG side but doesn’t lose the military campaign and the anime style. That said, the character design is strangely close to Valkyrie Profile, I recon. One thing is sure : Selveria is here and alive, her legacy being transferred in another character called Brunhildr.

I’m also waiting for Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki III (PSVita/PS4), Ace Combat 7 (PS4), Dragon Quest Heroes II (PSVita/PS4), Bullet Girls 2 (PSVita), Saga Scarlet Grace (PSVita), Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (PSVita/PS4), Ni no Kuni Revenant Kingdom (PS4), God Wars (PSVita/PS4).

Hum… I suppose the keyword for 2016 will ne “lack of sleep”

3 thoughts on “Most anticipated games for 2016

  1. I always wonder how long it will take until more games like the Asterisk War will come to the west…
    I mean there is always so much potential in so many other games. Surely not perfect but still. Sigh, and when they localise why can’t they just localise it one to one. There’s no harm to that. I’m tired of hearing lame excuses from companies and roaring fans who crave for blood because of it. Just listen to them.

    • the Asterisk War ame is really poor so… but yeah, I wish more anime titles would come to the West but it seems difficult unless it’s really big IP. The Girls und Panzer game especially would be cool to have here I think

      • Well I liked the LNs quite a bit, but it’s a standard story so yeah…
        Do you think -regardless if they would do it, because we know they won’t-
        such games would see success here?
        Ah given its not just a vita release
        Vita always has it hard…

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