Review – Moero Chronicle


Monster Monpiece’s unofficial sequel, Moero Chronicle removes the cards and takes the form of a classic Dungeon-RPG. Even though Idea Factory International seems to have ruled out a western release for this title, niche games fans can nevertheless enjoy it thanks to the Asia version entirely in English.

How could we define Moero Chronicle? After a few hours, the conclusion is clear : we here have the first M-rated Pokemon-like in gaming history! The game has indeed mechanics that are extremely similar to Nintendo’s multi-million seller, the only difference being that the adorable creatures are replaced by sexy monster girls. Besides that, everything is the same : you need to find and fight the girls roaming in dungeons to ask them to join you. Tactics also are very much the same since you will have to appoint various specialists such as physical/magical attacker, tank and healer. Behind your group of 5 girls, the main character called Io (pronounce e-o) will be in charge of encouraging the ladies and using objects when the situation turns for the worse.

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As you can expect, Moero Chronicle’s story is just an excuse to go pick up girls in dungeons, but you’re not wrong to do so (reference here). Monster Girls, who were supposed to live in harmony with humans have gone berserk and have started attacking people. Up to you to end their madness, but in the most unorthodox possible method, which includes tearing their clothes, and then use the touchscreen on various parts of their anatomy. Watch out though because time is limited and it’s quite difficult to succeed at the first try. You’ll have to do the whole fight all over again, which is actually very uncovenient despite the extra experience gained. The are 6 dungeons with all their own theme (forest, snow, space…) ad includes several monster girls and one leader who is the boss you’ll have to defeat to go to the next maze. The leaders arethe main characters of the game, the only ones to appear in the story parts.


Compile Heart still delivers here a hardline RPG : it is impossible to walk 500m without a iron-clad strategy. It begins by forming a balanced team, well equipped and choosing complementary skill lists. Each monster girl has 4 skill lists corresponding to various costumes that are (well) hidden in the dungeons. Those lists tend to favor a specific rôle so you must pick those in accordance to the general balance you want to give to your team. The girls also have personalities (Ojosama, loli, etc.) that have various beneficial effect when you combine them.


Moero Chronicle is quite old-school in the may the characters learn their ablities VERY SLOWLY and that all the girls don’t level up at the same time (you can speed up the learning by upgrading the rooms at the inn, but the effect is kinda light). This can be quite annoying in the case you miss some girls in the early dungeons (like I did), they become useless if you get them too late and it would take them 3 weeks to keep up with the rest. Let’s stress that random encounters are extremely frequent. But when I say extremely, it means that even equipped with the item halving the number of fights, it is barely bearable! Grinding is thus a necessity at some point, but fortunately it’s offset by the easy mode.

If it hasn’t driven you crazy at thi spoint, this will : dungeons have a horrible complex architecture and any attempt to memorize it provokes fainting. There are 4 to 7 floors, including of course mischievous traps like poison, ice labyrinths, teleporters… Consider also that your healing items are quite limited, which slows your progression, or the permanent threat of a surprise attack, the high level monster girls lurking around, etc. and you know why exploration requires nerves of steel.


While Moero Chronicle gives it all in terms of fan service during the actual gameplay, it is surprisingly tame in everything else. True, there are very borderline outfits, but the few illustrations remind us more of an average shonen manga than a M-rated game like it is. Generally speaking, Moero Chronicle is pretty much easy-going and doesn’t live up to the expectations of erotism you could place in it. The design is nevertheless very good, the user interface being really pleasant for the eye and the color rendering is fabulous on OLED. The monster girls are also quite fantastic : there are dozens of them, for all likings and their dubbing is perfect. The soundtrack is astonishing, very above the average of niche RPGs. The boss themes have some sense of grandeur, and the others are fun and rythmical like the one in the shop (so good that I would always organize my team there).

Dungeon-RPG hardcore, hooking and long thanks to extensive postgame content, but unfinished on the ecchi side, Moero Chronicle is a pleasant journey thanks to its charming ladies. Visually and musically striking, it stands out enough to mark its time.


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