But where do those names in JRPGs come from? (B)

Equipe FFXIII f

Sorry for the long wait! Let’s walk again the path of etymology and mythology the find the hidden truth in our games. A long quest which, believe me, is worth the effort. Be careful though, there’s a light spoiler about Valkyria Chronicles 3.


Bahamut FFIX c

Final Fantasy : Bahamut is the King of wyverns and dragons, but also a summon and a peerless opponent.

Origin : The Arabic Mythology

Bahamut is originally said to be a giant fish supporting a giant bull called Kujata. Kujata is also said to bear angels, hells and heavens. In the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons (1977), Bahamut is the King of good dragons, facing Tiamat, the Queen of evil dragons.



Final Fantasy X : a species of wolf

Origin : From the Other Side of the Mirror, a novel by Lewis Carroll being the unofficial sequel to Alice in Wonderland.

The Bandersnatch is never really identified but its characters are the following : a long neck, a powerful jaw and ferocious behavior.



Final Fantasy X : a monster that can petrify your characters

Origin : Antiquity

In Naturalis Historia, Pline the Elder, Roman author of the 1st century AC, mentions a poisonous snake oozing venom behind it, that can kill by just staring. The basilisk is mentioned again later in European legends. In greek, basilisk means “king of snakes”. It is often associated with the Cockatrice, which can mean they’re actually the same monster.

Baten Kaitos

Baten Kaitos - pub

Baten Kaitos is a remarkable RPG of the GameCube

Origin : Astronomy

It’s a star in the constellation of the Whale. It’s also called Ceta Zeti, Baten Kaitos being its arabic name, which means “belly of the sea monster”.


Light i

Final Fantasy : Recurrent and powerful monster.

Origin : The Old Testament

Behemoth is a Biblical monster that appears in the Old Testament (Job. 40). Behemoth is the counterpart of Leviathan on Earth. Unconquerable to humans, Behemoth is said to battle Leviathan in the end. They would kill each other and their meat should feed the Just for eternity.



Final Fantasy XII : Belial is the Fire Esper

Origin : Masoteric texts (fragments of the Hebrew bible)

In the first Hebrew texts BC, Belial is an adjective describing mediocre people, pagan worshipers. In the Scrolls of the Dead Sea (other Hebraic text of the same period), Belial seems to be a king of darkness.



Final Fantasy XIV : a legendary white whale dominating the Sea of Clouds

Origin : History of Germany

Otto Von Bismarck was the first Chancellor of the German Empire, from 1871 and 1890. He played a great role in the rise of Germany as a superpower and pioneered the Welfare State.



Valkyria Chronicles 3 : Borgia is the pope of the Yggist Curch, which worship the Valkyries. He secretly acts behind the scenes to prolong the war and extend his influence.

Origin : History of Italy

Rodrigo Borgia, known as Alexander VI, was the most controversial Pope of the Christian Church. From his election in 1492 to his mysterious death in 1503, his life had been surrounded by flirt and rape accusations and political assassinations. He himself died after a lavish banquet, presumably from poisoning.



Valkyria Azure Revolution : Brynhildr is a Valkyrie allied with the Empire

Origin : Scandinavian mythology

In the Volsunga Saga, a Nordic legend written around the 13th century, Brynhildr is a valkyrie who sides with King Agnar against Odin. Victorious, Odin erases her powers and locks her in a tower, but she will be freed by the courageous Siguror.


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