Sony Japan too discards the Vita


Vita’s life has not been easy. Weakened on the sales side, it is at the center of a merciless war between Playstation players and Nintendo loyalists for “the best of the rest” title, with at stake a crucial moral victory. As the Kyoto giant fights it with the powerful means at its disposal, Sony looks like to have thrown the towel already by announcing Gravity Daze 2 exclusive to PS4 during its TGS conference. Despite PSVita being the lead platform for Sony in Japan, the manufacturer drops its portable system. Make no mistake, I am tremendously happy to welcome the sequel of this original and iconic game, and I will buy it day one Japanese release. But still, SCE Japan Studio developed Gravity Daze, the game that defined the Vita. PSVita IS Gravity Daze, Gravity Daze IS the Vita. The system itself was briefly pushed at the very start and the very end, rather short for their lead platform at home. The message is crystal-clear on this september 15th “We have no more handheld business, sorry”

This decision makes no business sense : Gravity Daze 2 needs a handheld version to sell in Japan, where players are increasingly less inclined to play at home. Proof is that most developers keep developing Vita versions of their games alongside PS4 versions. Why in the fuckin’ hell should the manufacturer do otherwise!? Gravity Daze is also the only Vita game to have topped French charts. There was a market for Gravity Daze 2 on PSVita. In denying that, Sony Japan shows its intention to terminate its ailing wing. Nintendo wouldn’t do something like that : they keep supporting the WiiU (which also know commercial woes) even at the risk of weakening its strong side, the 3DS. Sony appears as a cold manager while its competitor stands as the unyielding hero who cares about the player rather than the figures.

That was a serious moral mistake. Yes, PSVita has plenty of games in development and the coming months are going to be rich. But can the party continue? If the the general doesn’t show the way, the troops can’t go very far… Even if the project were expected in the red, Gravity Daze 2 PSVita was a necessary effort to make. Vita has nearly 75% of the handheld games in development in Japan, thus also worldwide, and has nothing more to prove against the 3DS whose support has dropped dramatically. THAT WAS THE PERFECT TIME TO COUNTERATTACK, FUCK! This TGS was the Stalingrad of the handheld war, the final stand after years defending the frontline. We fought night and day to ensure that portable gaming could keep progressing. Today PSVita owners feel betrayed by the rearguard, it is devastating for the morale of the Playstation Nation. Even if PSVita has a lot of assets in the time to come, the missed opportunity caused by the lack of Gravity Daze 2 will come at huge cost in the end.


5 thoughts on “Sony Japan too discards the Vita

  1. Lol. I knew it was worth the waiting for your reaction. All of the time watching you saying that Vita will have a better future than 3DS (whose support by third parties hasn’t decreased), and at the end you got slapped in the face, by your God Sony.
    Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy your Sonyless next handheld generation.

    • 3DS 3rd party support DOES plummet, look at a Japanese release schedule. As for the next handheld generation, I will keep playing on Vita given the enormous backlog I have.

      • No prob, enjoy your time with your bunch of otome and VN games. As for me, I’m sure I’ll enjoy my next year with games like Bravely Second, Ace Attorney 6, Project X Zone 2, and Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final (Yup, a mainline game, exclusive for 3DS).

  2. The person who commented above is probably one of those ignorant people who don’t know of the many PSVita RPGs and action games. Maybe the 3DS has the major Squaresoft and Atlus handheld RPGs to go along with the in-house RPGs, but everyone else is Vita or makes the superior version for Vita.

    Anyway, I’m not killing for a new handheld system from Nintendo or Sony anytime soon, but I still wish Sony would show signs of staying in the handheld business. No one else is going to make a dedicated portable gaming device that has great power and graphics like Sony does. The devs that are currently making Vita games aren’t going to necessarily go to Nintendo’s newest handheld unless Nintendo decides to actually give the next handheld some real power. I feel like smartphones and ipads will be their destination instead…

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