A look back at some E3 2015 videos

SWB ca

Metal Gear Solid V (PS4/X1)

A few monhs before release, Konami’s last big game communicates its main theme : language. To Snake, the language can be a means of domination as well as a way to unite the people. Choosing a brilliant background music, Elegia by New Order, this trailer delivers some astonishing twist in showing a character whom we saw die in Ground Zeroes. There’s obviously plenty more in store : the subject of the creation of the perfect soldier is most likely back and Big Boss is seen running from a first generation Metal Gear that is supposed to be built 20 years later.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (PS4/X1)

You’ve been keeping Faith in your heart and you were right : Mirror’s Edge sequel, called Catalyst, will be in our consoles in February 2016! Rather than a actual sequel, Catalyst seems to tell a older story, where the young Faith learns the hard way that her city has become nothing more than a rationalized dictatorship run by the big business. The open world of impressive scale and details might lead to another revolution in gameplay.

Star Wars Battlefront (PS4/X1)

Everybody was snoozing at this point of the conference, but EA had readied Hoth gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront to jolt the audience back awake. And they did it. You can’t possibly be ready for THAT level of immersion : sounds are top class, the incredibly detailed snow or explosions guarantee peerless technical prowess, and of course the very end of the video is… breathtaking!

Final Fantasy VII remake (PS4)

Some days before E3, a discreet news confirmed the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Busier with more flashy leaks, everyone discarded that as another groundless rumor. SquareEnix played it pretty well with this trailer thrown just after the bizarre World of Final Fantasy. You understand only very slowly what is at stake, surrounded by a tense music, and then you know it : the legendary RPG will be remade for PS4, the has been made. Nomura has started teasing already, since he said that the remake would not be identical to the original.

Genei Ibun Roku #FE (WiiU)

Vocaloid Music, check. Boobs, check. Dating, check. Bikini, check. Tsundere, check. Idol, check. No doubt this time, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem has lost all aspect of Fire Emblem or Shin Megami Tensei. While Egyptologists are still hard at work on its new title, the content is no more the dark and epic crossover people had expected but a pure bishojo game full of kawaii lolis to appeal to otakus all over the world. Needless to say, that made it the most interesting game on Nintendo’s side, which is hardly difficult given the rest…

NieR 2 (PS4)

What you say? Waifu? Katana? Platinum Games? PS4 exclusive? YES! Biggest and most wonderful surprise of this E3, the new NieR takes a new art direction close to Drakengard 3 (the good one) and on board the best possible talents to make it awesome. More details are to be shared in September, which means the Sony pre-TGS conference.

Star Ocean 5 (PS4)

SquareEnix didn’t come to E3 for nothing and takes from its trunk Star Ocean 5, which is confirmed for the west for PS4 at the same time. Besides the high graphical jump compared to The Last Hope (movement of clothes/equipment and depth of field), we can see 6 characters fighting together in battle! A exciting first look for this newest entry.


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