Impressions – Bullet Girls

Last Summer, I had my finger on the «buy» button for the digital version of Bullet Girls… but I didn’t push, remembering the terrifying backlog I had on PSVita. Why didn’t I have the same reasoning during the D3 Publisher PSN sales, when I eventually pushed that button for half price.

Trophies unlocked : 9% (rank E on PSN Profiles, campaign 70% cleared)

Reason : Ragequit at a idiotic sneaking mission

Bullet Girls is actually Senran Kagura with firearms. Including a M82 Barrett, reason enough for to buy this, with of course the tsundere who bears it and the destructible costumes. Costume break which applies to the main heroines as well as to the random (all female) enemies. That said, you do deactivate it at once given how it hurts the flow of gameplay. Those are also too short to compete efficiently with the likes of Senran Kagura. Ecchi part quite average, but at least better than the meaningless dialogs that make you snooze within minutes. But the worst of all remain the support characters, who support you in nothing and tirelessly rehash the same line…

Bullet Girls is a pleasure for the eye, especially in its near-perfect character models, cornerstone of the genre. Stages are generic and feel flat, but you have no time looking at them anyway.

Because you immediately spot the main characteristic of this game : it’s insanely difficult! Very unlike the quite simple Action Neptune or Senran Kagura which does have a easy mode, Bullet Girls is a TPS that requires maximum concentration at all times and flawless aiming. In the first chapters already, my fingers hurt like they never did because I was clinging onto the Vita like a madman. It is folly : the missions only last a few minutes but it seems an eternity since your HP can deplete in no time at any moment. To make it even more hellish, everything must be done in limited time and believe me, you have no time to breath.


In general, I’m not against difficulty as driving the player to use his ultimate resources often ends up rewarding. Controls didn’t feel fishy, the cover system is neat, but the weapon balance is terrible : this game has decided, in defiance of all war principles, that an assault rifle was better than a rocket launcher to destroy containers, and that a shotgun doesn’t deal damage if not half a meter close to the target (oh, sorry, Black Ops had already established this “fact”). But I can get over all this, I can. But in chapter 6 I can’t anymore, D3 is making a fool of me. Explanation : I must go from A to B without being spotted. OK, let’s go. I headshot the first guard : game over. I do it all over again, this time running until the garden with no cover. I shoot another guard : game over. And here I realize that I’m playing a bloody Metal Gear Solid in which I AM NOT ALLOWED TO SHOOT and where I must go through blind spot I have no idea about.

Final sh**, this game puts the Barrett in the assault rifle category. No, just… no, it’s unbearable.


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