But where do those names in JRPGs come from? (A)


FFVIII : Acarnan is a dragon much like Bahamut who obeys Ultimecia

Origin : Greek Mythology

Acarnan is a young man that was brought to be of age faster thanks to Zeus, so that he could avenge his father. He later creates a state after his name : Acarnania.


FFVIII : A hornet-like monster in Ultimecia’s castle

Origin : Greek Old Chronicles

Acron was a Greek doctor said to have helped many Athenians during the Great Plague. He later request a specific location to install his family tomb, but was turned down by the Senate.


FFXII : Adrammelech is the Capricornus esper, depicted as a lightning dragon.

Origin : The Tanakh II – Kings

In II Kings, Adrammelech is a sun god worshipped in the town of Sepharvaim. According to Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal, Adrammelech is the president of the demon Senate, the Chancellor of Hell and supervisor of Satan’s wardrobe.


FFVIII : A skull-like monster in Ultimecia’s castle.

Origin : Greek Mythology

Commander of the Greek forces during the Trojan war. He was later killed by Aegisthus who had seduced Clytemnestra, Agamemnon’s wife.



FFIX (among others) : Sacred summon that materializes from Alexandria’s Castle to protect the city in case of threat

Origin : Greek History

Alexander the Great was King of Macedonia and one of the most famous conquerors of all time, who is said to never have stayed behind the lines. He becomes King in 336 BC, and swiftly dominates the neighboring regions including large Greek cities. Clever politician and clever strategist, Alexander conquers Egypt and Darius III’s Persian Empire before advancing towards India where his army takes on successfully war elephants. He is however forced to pull back because of unrest among his men. He dies from illness in Babylon in 323 BC.

Angra Mainyu

In FFX-2 : Ferocious three-headed creature that attacks the Al-Bhed camp in Bikanel.

Origin : Zoroastrianism

Angra Mainyu may be considered as the figure of the Devil in early Iranian mythology. Its name means ‘evil spirit’ and it is associated with the netherworld. It tries to dry up the earth, but other gods prevent him from doing so. Angra Mainyu then tries to lure Zarathustra away from the good religion by promising him sovereignty on the world. When the prophet turns him down, it unleashes thousands of demons on him, but Zarathustra deflects them all. Although Ahura Mazda is sometimes considered as the sole creator, some texts suggest there is a duality with Angra Mainyu. In Vendidad I, Angra Mainyu creates the sixteen scourges in response to Ahura Mazda’s sixteen lands.


From FFIV to FFXIV : One-eyed flying monster.

Origin : Zoroastrianism

Equivalent to Angra Mainyu in later Iranian language.


Valkyrie Profile : Lenneth is fighting under the Ases to help them win over the Vanes.

Origin : Scandinavian Mythology

Main clan of the Scandinavian pantheon. They live in Asgard and includes Odin and Thor. They had been at war for years against the Vanes but eventually reached a peace agreement.


Avalon : movie depicting a fictional world where people play a virtual reality game for a living.

Origin : Arthurian Legend

After being mortally wounded by Mordred in the battle of Camlann, Arthur is taken to Avalon, his final resting place. Geoffrey of Monmouth regards Avalon to be an island where Arthur recovers from his wounds and from which he returns to the throne. Moreover, Arthur’s sword Excalibur is said to have been forged in Avalon. Despite recent discoveries indicating that Avalon might in fact be Glastonbury Abbey, in the Somerset, many historians deny its existence and late tradition simply assumes Arthur was buried soon after the battle.


FFX-2 : A nearly invincible dragon that guards the Farplane

Origin : Zoroastrianism

Means ‘dragon’ in Avestan language. However, it is described in Avesta as a three-headed being, not fiendish nor human. In later texts, he appears as an arab promoting Judaism (then opposed to Zoroastrianism). He possesses all possible sins and asks yazatas to depopulate the world, which they of course refuse to do.


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