My games of the year 2014 (GoTY 2014)

Best Action game

Samurai Warriors 4 (PS4)

Unwavering, the 無双 license (“Warriors” in the West) prevails this year thanks to epic and polished episode, delightful for the historian I am. And there’s more coming ahead with the spin-offs Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 and Samurai Warriors 4-II : the battle for power in Japan has not yet ended!

Runner-up : WatchDogs (PS4)

Best FPS

Destiny (PS4)

Winner by default, Destiny stands out in a faded genre. Its coop’ mode, its innovative game design and its enjoyable challenge make it a solid FPS. Even though it feels repetitive and fails to live up to Bungie’s promises, it’s a still a light in a depressed category.

Runner-up : none

Best Fighting game

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (PSVita)

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (PSVita)

Not as accessible as a Blazblue, Fightning Climax is no less, if not more, a delicious 2D fighter. Dream made true, it brings to life famous characters of Japanese light novels. Between Kirito’s classy moves, Shana’s effrontery, Kirino’s ludicrous cosplays and a some really welcomed surprise guests, that’s a lot of pleasure for anime fans.

Runner-up : none

Best Strategy game

Super Heroine Chronicle (PSVita)

Super Heroine Chronicle (PSVita)

Like above, Super Heroine Chronicle feels special by its casting entirely composed of anime characters. Graphically underwhelming, I still treasure it quite much just for the presence of Aria the Scarlet Ammo and Infinite Stratos characters. Unforgiving tactically speaking, SHC represents dozens of hours thinking every move, narrow victories, cunning bosses… T-RPG like you seldom see nowdays.

Runner-up : none

Best RPG

Child of Light (PS4)

The Master fell. Ubisoft’s westerners were able to take and transform the stereotypes of classic JPRGs to give birth to the most brilliant and magnificent RPG this year. True, it’s only 2D and small budget, but a great adventure filled with greats emotions.

Runner-up : Hyperdimension Neptune Rebirth1(PSVita)

Best Music

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd & Sen no Kiseki II (PSVita)

Draw. I know, I’m a coward. But my blog, my rules XP With superb orchestration and wonderful lyrics as usual, Hatsune Miku had it in the bag. That would have been without Falcom’s tremendous effort in Sen no Kiseki 2. Adding to an already great original score in Sen no Kiseki, music in this second game never stops to be amazing all along the 100 hours of gameplay.

Runner-up : Child of Light (PS4)

Best Design

Legend of Heroes - Sen no Kiseki II (PSVita)

Legend of Heroes – Sen no Kiseki II (PSVita)

The other reason to pick Sen No Kiseki 2 despite the balance issues is Falcom’s ability to bring us a rich world and fascinating characters. The clever mix between history, fantasy and Sci-Fi never cease to impress, let alone having so many lovable playable characters.

Runner-up : Action Neptune U & Project Diva F 2nd (PSVita)

Best Graphics

WatchDogs (PS4)

WatchDogs (PS4)

With a much lively and realistic Chicago, WatchDogs shows a city like you rarely see in a video game and marks the early PS4 generation. Downgraded? Maybe, but such an immense game is nonetheless impressive.

Runner-up : Action Neptune U (PSVita)

Best game you might never play

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (PSVita)

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (PSVita)

Fighting Climax Online mode may be frustrating, I just want to get back at it and test my moves further in real conditions. Super Heroine Chronicle, hyper polished tactical enhanced by its multiple licences, left me unforgettable memories. There’s hoping that Sega and BandaiNamco draw some conclusions from Hollow Fragment’s success in the West and localize more of their PSVita line-up.

Runner-up : Super Heroine Chronicle (PSVita)

Best narrative

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment (PSVita)

Even if it barely transcribes Fairy Dance’s storyline in its Aincrad part, Hollow Fragment brings a new approach with the Hollow Area scenario, and re-uses smartly the best elements of the first season.

Runner-up : Action Neptune U (PSVita)

Best innovation

WatchDogs (PS4)

Not only is WatchDogs gorgeous, it has also fresh and convincing gameplay. Action game in which you can win without firing a single gunshot, it is not like some call it a “GTA-like”. For a game that favors intelligence over violence, discretion over destruction, hacking over looting, this comparison is just a shameful insult. Ubisoft’s game re-invents open world action and we might have to wait some before finding a worthy “WatchDogs-like”.

Runner-up : Destiny (PS4)

Biggest disappointment

AR no Surge (PS3)

AR no Surge (PS3)

I had pre-ordered Ar no Surge in a hurry. Huge blunder, because this JRPG turned out desastrophic from back to front : underwhelming graphics, poor gameplay, astoshiningly boring narrative, it ends the Surge Concerto cycle like it started.

Runner-up : Fighting Princess of Arcadia (PS3)

Best DLC

Legend of Heroes – Sen no Kiseki II (PSVita)

The best DLC isn’t one! The latest update of Sen no Kiseki 2 brings more than any DLC while costing nothing. I wake up in the morning and Atlina, Crow, Chlotilda, Lloyd, Rixia, all those secondary/opposing characters you came to love become playable without asking for anything! This is what you call caring about your fans!

Runner-up : Project Diva F 2nd (PSVita)

 Game of the Year

 Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd (PSVita)

 Samuraï Warriors 4 (PS4)

 Hyperdimension Neptune Rebirth1 (PSVita)


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