Those are the TGS 2014 games you need to see

FFXV waifu

God Eater 2 Rage Burst (PSVita/PS4)

Probably the trailer that stands out the most (although the level is pretty high this year). Is it the epic music, the dramatic turn of events or the new loli and her scythe? I can’t decide, maybe a combination of the three… Rage Burst is theorically an extension of God Eater 2, but this trailer looks more like a sequel. Julius (the main character of GE2) has gone missing and the party goes looking for him in some sort of cursed Yggdrasil. In terms of gameplay, the finish moves of GE2 seem to have been considerably reinforced to turn them into extreme limit breaks, with a flurry of choices impossible to make given the pace of the battles. Hard to say if the added content compared to GE2 will be significant, but that new character convinced my to reopen wallet already.

Bloodborne (PS4)

No doubt that Bloodborne will be the exclusive of next year. Its Victorian universe just reinvents Baroque and survival-horror altogether. When I saw the various trailers, I immediately thought about a M-rated Medievil. The density of the environments is incredible, the hellish design outdates everything that’s been done so far, the eerie atmosphere and sounds give the shivers, combat looks gore and exhilarating. All this with, so far, no sign of dialog or scenario. Could Bloodborne end up without those? It would be a surprising choice, but maybe not a bad one.

Great Ace Attorney (3DS)

My 3DS has been collecting dust since January, but Great Ace Attorney will surely be the occasion to clean it up. Phoenix Wright leaves the court and enters Naruhodo Ryunosuke (maybe his grandfather since they share the Japanese last name), lawyer… in Meiji era! The Ace Attorney series makes a jump into the past in 1880, perfect occasion to welcome Britain’s most famous investigator, Sherlock Holmes. Meiji’s Japan looks very faithfully rendered (the title is written in pre-1945 Japanese) and will be a plus for the series, and a pleasure for History lovers like me. Little mistake though : Ryunosuke has a Japanese sword, but wielding swords had been forbidden by the Meiji government.

Omega Quintet (PS4)

Omega Quintet is two weeks away from release and tells us a lot about the game system. This trailer shows that you can customize your characters as you wish, and that the girls are not limited to only one type of weapon. Battle seem to have been enriched since FFF, which should induce more strategy. Leveling up should become easier with a training facility directly in the base camp. Best of all, broken costumes can’t be repaired until you’re back to the base camp.

Senran Kagura Estival Versus (PSVita/PS4)

After the Senran Kagura 2 disaster on 3DS, the series is back to its legitimate fans with summer as general theme. It will shed some sunlight on Japanese Vita and PS4 in March 2015. Very little more is known, but Famitsu showed that 4 new characters have been added already, including a granny (!?). Ryôbi should have more importance in the story.

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (PSVita/PS3)

Fighting Climax is a fighting game that gathers the most famous novel characters of the Japanese publisher Dengeki. You will be able to play as Kirito/Asuna from SAO, Satomi from Black Bullet or Miyuki from Mahôka (sorry, no Onii-sama). I’m introducing this game today because it marks the return of Valkyria Chronicles in video games, as Selveria is confirmed as playable character! This game is even more a must-have. Note that the “bad guy” and not VC heroine ended up main character, Alicia being only support.

Final Fantasy Agito + (PSVita)

Not so big nor an impressive trailer, but FF Type-0 fans will soon be able to prolong the pleasure with the arrival of free to play Agito (only available on iOS so far).

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4/X1)

The big thing is of course the first gameplay trailer of Type-0, on PS4 and Xbox One. Square Enix had warned people to lower expectation compared to FFXV, but I was astonished of the quality they could achieve from a PSP game. It’s pretty neat, zero aliasing. Sure the animations looks rough but particles, light effects, textures clearly benefit from the power of the new systems. Save March 20th, I guarantee you (because I played it on PSP) a great gameplay and a fun universe.

Final Fantasy XV (PS4/X1)

The surprise showing of FFXV in the very first minutes of the TGS provoked manifestations of joy on Neogaf, proportional to the despair of its non-showing at E3. The trailer in itself is not spectacular, but gives a clear message about the scale of the game : it looks gigantic, and the choice of a huge Adamantoise is a symbol of that. Your luxury car will transport you on what seems to be kilometers and kilometers of ruins, caves, plains with an ecosystem of their own. You wanna play it? Your wish comes true : a demo of FFXV will be included in every copy of FF Type-0 HD.


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