Enough of E3! Let’s talk about other games! #2014

Atelier Shallie (PS3)

Milka b

Atelier Shallie makes the revolution : first Atelier to miss June release, it will also abolish the principle of limited time frame. The removal of one of the main features of the series sent a shockwave but this identity crisis shouldn’t spoil the pleasure of having two charming heroines, new classy and hilarious characters as well as returning stars as Escha and Wilbell.

Shining Resonance (PS3)

Forget fearless and willing young men, Shining Resonance’s main character is a old and shy Dragon!One of the last survivors of his kin, he fears his own power and gnawed by destiny. He will have to team with humans equipped with musical weapons, starting with priestess Kilika and her harp-bow. Shifted from PSP to PS3 without going on Vita, this new Shining vows graphical prowess to faithfully render Tony Taka’s design in 3D models.

Action Neptune U (PSVita)


Action Neptune U is what I had expected Hyperdimension Noire to be. Whatever, my wish was just postponed for two months. Adding to more direct action, Neptune U mimics Senran Kagura in merciless outfit destruction. Cherry on the cake, the personification of the Japanese game magazine Dengeki Playstation, famous for having been «covering» the Neptune series for quite a while, will make her first apparition as a playable character.

Hyperdimension Neptune VII (?)

We still don’t know the first thing about the new game in Hyperdimension Neptune main series, neither its platform nor if it is only one story. There seem to be a second Neptune, although she could also be the same. The article shows a girl called Uzume, who comes back from Dimension zero, an allegory of gaming’s end. Very mysterious concept arts are also being shown, rising curiosity even more.

Hotaru Nikki (PSVita)


If Child of Light is enlightenment, Hotaru Nikki is darkness. Of a similar approach because relying on a firefly in its progression, NIS’s new IP has the player guide a strange girl called Mion out of reah of evil forces. You’ll have to wisely shift from shadow to light to advance, or else Mion will die in horrible fashion.

IA/VT Colorful (PSVita)


IA is a vocaloid colleague of Hatsune Miku. Despite being far less famous because of Miku’s wide popularity, she will soon get her own rythm game too. The brilliant but treacherous producer of Senran Kagura has taken the initiative to propose a new way of enjoying rhythm games. Notice that IA/VT Colorful has already will have 60 songs, that is to say more than any Project Diva.

*ω* Quintet (PS4)


After making an impossible trade-off between Uematsu, Amano and Tsunako in Fairy Fencer F, Compile Heart does it again with a new title made under the Galapagos label, which mixes without Idols and RPG. It logically will be about saving the world from dark creatures called «beep» with a girls band dressed in flashy costumes, yeah. The daring publisher will also make it the first JRPG exclusive to PS4.

Legend of Heroes – Sen No Kiseki 2 (PSVita/PS3)

Towa b

News of Sen no Kiseki keep coming and keep being awesome : Claire playable! Towa playable! Tons of mechs, new super magic and a new cat-loli called Altina :3 

Makai Trillion (PSVita)

Utterly defeated by evil Trillion (who has a trillion HP!), demon lord Zeabolos loses his throne and seek revenge. Too badly hurt to fight directly, he calls his sisters, step sisters and daughter-in-law to battle for him in this not-so-legal looking adventure! Visually stunning for a handheld game and featuring a character design in-between Disgaea and Mugen Souls, Makai Trillion is worth trillions! 


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