Those are the E3 2014 games you need to see

No Man's Sky

Project Diva F 2nd (PSVita/PS3)

Already confirmed for the West, Project Diva 2nd is in Sega’s luggage for this E3 2014. Without many big Japanese games on the showfloor, Hatsune Miku will only shine more in this episode coming just after the monumental Project Diva F. The game is composed of a half of returning songs from Project Diva 2nd remade with the extraordinary elegance, charm and dynamism that marks the F arch, and half of new entrants some of which are downright masterpieces (Yubikiri, Meteo and Ni Soku Hokô being the greatest imo). I’ve already finished it and even if it’s quite more complicated in its general approach, it comes easily in my top 3 games of this first half of 2014.

No Man’s Sky (PS4)

Clearly the most exciting and impressive title of this E3. No Man’s Sky makes you want to dive into it right away after this trailer and its awesome music. In this indy game developed by only 4 people, you start from a random place in a distant galaxy, and have to pioneer the land while at the same time being drawn in galactic war. Obviously inspired by Star Wars, No Man’s Sky will have players starting in different locations so that the odyssey is never the same.  

Tales of Hearts R (PSVita)

You asked for it? Namco did it. The second Tales of of the PSVita comes to our shores in winter 2015. I played the demo and the gameplay has definitely been modernized compared to older Tales, but graphics appear just decent. A little known Tales of to discover.

Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3)

I can tell you about Tales of Xillia 2 since I finished last year. And I’ll tell you this : the gigantic content, the dense story, the dark atmosphere, the awesome characters, the always neat battle system, the multiple endings, the heartbraking emotions make it one of the top JRPGs of last generation.

Final Fantasy Type-0 (PS4/X1)

SquareEnix waited two entire days before announcing it. I was believing so much in it that I had made it my dearest E3 wish. On Tuesday afternoon I begun to lose hope, the I could sense the dark side growing inside myself, but the fateful tweet came! Atypical Final Fantasy that I had the chance to play on PSP, Type-0 was unbalanced but its great qualities became beautiful memories with time. And with it being remade/remastered for PS4 and XboxOne, those little drawbacks might well be fixed.


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