Most anticipated games for 2014

Project Diva F 2nd (PSVita/PS3)

Miku MM

The wait is killing me and every new batch of screenshots is a stab. Project Diva F being one of most delighting games I’ve ever played, I can’t help shaking in anticipation for this sequel.

Infinite Stratos 2 Ingnition (PSVita)

The 2nd season of the Infinite Stratos has just ended, but I whish there were a 3rd one just after. Therefore, why not wait with a dating sim featuring the characters of the series? Hopefully the level of interactivity is satisfactory enough to have a great time until we have more animes episodes.

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment (PSVita)

I had planned to buy Sword Art Online on PSP. Really, the money wa ready and all… but I took Dungeon Travelers 2 instead. This newest episode on Vita, with sharper graphics, trophies and ameliorated dating, should be the perfect occasion to make up for that.

Hyperdimension Noire (PSVita)

This one, I’m not really waiting with much enthusiasm. The choice of SD was so underwhelming that I was depressed during several days. I expect so much more of this spin-off featuring my favorite character of the Neptune series. That said, I have faith in the combined efforts of Tsunako and STING to deliver very juicy events.

Girl und Panzer Senshadô Kiwamemasu (PSVita)

I loved the anime, I love tank games and there aren’t plenty of them. I will logically throw myself into crazy moe battles, in command this time.

Tales of Zestria (PS3)

I was pretty hard to maintain the same level of greatness as Tales of Xillia in Tales of Xillia 2. Living up to the even greater Tales of Xillia 2 is close to impossible. But Baba’s team take on the challenge with the same 3D engine, but more dragons.

Gravity Daze 2 (PSVita)

GD2 a

Gravity Daze has been the most innovative game in terms of gameplay in years, but it was too short. We definitely need more : more story, more quests, a larger world! Sony heard the prayers of the Gravity Rushers and is going to invert gravity once again.

Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki 2 (PSVita)

I was not satisfied of Sen no Kiseki at all : far too long, too annoying in several aspects. That said, it’s unthinkable for anyone who’s finished Sen to Kiseki not to crave for the tiniest bit of information about the sequel. The game ends so abruptly, on such a violent cliffhanger that it leaves you in anguish.

Metal Gear Solid V (PS4)

I’m talking about MSGV here, not the Ground Zeroes prologue about which Kojima thought it would be a good idea to gave Xbone players the best version. This is unacceptable and I will boycott that. And, if they pull out the same bushit for the final game, I will boycott it too. Sony left us second-hand games for a reason.

Final Fantasy XV (PS4)

FFXV venice

Let’s be crazy and consider that Final Fantasy XV will be out in 2014, the 5th of July would be perfect for me. It’s gonna be a colossal task to renew the FF myth after a XIII series that somewhat missed to boat during this generation. Nevertheless, FFXV looks awesome with the power of the next-gen and its FFXII aura. Here’s hoping that the gameplay also lives up to the legend.


One thought on “Most anticipated games for 2014

  1. This list mirrors much of my own. I just got a Vita yesterday and fell in love with “Gravity Daze”. Truly a brilliant title and cannot wait to play the sequel.

    Many of the titles I am just hopeful have the chance to play and get localized.

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