Senran Kagura or the successful shift to Vita

By leaving 3DS for PSVita, the Senran Kagura series saw sales skyrocket despite the much smaller user base. In just 2 weeks, Senran Kagura Shinobi Versus has sold nearly as much as the two previous episodes combined. Marvelous AQL’s newest brawler sold 120’000 copies in Japan across digital and retail in only a few days, while the latest 3DS one had achieved «only» 70’000. The PSVita version has been flying away from shelves with 93% sell-through, making it impossible to find in numerous locations. Marvelous was quick to issue a 2nd shipment early in the following week. Will Bayonetta 2 be able perform that well in the opposite direction? Nothing sure…

Anyway, this great success shows the greater awareness of Playstation players to this kind of game. But the reason also lies in this system itself, which unlike 3DS, is region-free. Otakus all around the world who had to hold back importing the 3DS versions can finally access this digital sexual liberation and import en masse for their western Vitas. Marvelous said they were happy with the Rune Factory 4 sales on 3DS (140K in 6 weeks), but Senran Kagura on PSVita sells way much faster still. Same happened with Hatsune Miku Project Diva f, which sold twice more at launch than the 3DS Project Mirai (and actually, even the almost identical Project Diva F on PS3 sold more too). In short, the large install base of 3DS means nothing, because 3DS owners in Japan are bent on Animal Crossing, mario or Fantasy Life, ignoring the rest. Developers are taking notes.

PSVita made a surge to 62’543 units sold in the wake of the price cut. Last week, sales further increased to 63’581, beating 3DS! The simultaneous release of Soul Sacrifice and Tales of Hearts R sure helped, but the odds were around 45’000 units. This same week, Sony systems accounted for 58% of the market, Playstation software shot up to 75%! Even more in value, because PS3/PSVita/PSP game cost more in average. Publishers take more notes. After several months of 3DS reign over the Japanese market, releases on Sony systems gradually outnumber 3DS hits in the top of the charts. The winds of change have started to blow in Japan, and they may well sweep the specter of Nintendomination.

4 thoughts on “Senran Kagura or the successful shift to Vita

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  2. “The winds of change have started to blow in Japan, and they may well sweep the specter of Nintendomination.”
    LOL!!!!! Keep dreaming.

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