Review – Project Diva f (PS3 DLC)

While the PS3 version called «F» has just been released in Japan, the PSVita version called «f» gets a new DLC including everything that has been added to the PS3 Project Diva. It’s called おおもじパック (or «capital letter pack»), has got 6 new songs, 13 additional outfits, 4 AR live and a bunch of accessories, all this for 3000¥.

Tell Your World

Pretty classic song in the long history of emotional compositions, but very well supported by a good rhythm and a charming clip. The «linkage» costume for Miku (which comes from the subject of the song, connectivity) is nice as well.

Verdict : Good

Sweet Devil

This track tells the whims of a frivolous woman. Rather well written and musically entertaining, it unfortunately suffers from a weird clip that totally misses the point of the lyrics.

Verdict : Meh

Tokyo Teddy Bear

Splendid message that echoes a diseased society which no longer cares for its children. It tells the uneasiness a young girl (or a boy, for that matters…) who, unloved by her family decides to self-mutilate. The variations in rhythm and the uncompromising clip fully translates this beautiful lament.

Verdict : Masterpiece

夢喰い白黒バク (yumekui shirokuro baku)

Strange tale about a trickster who manipulates dreams. The (baku) originally is a legendary animal that eats dreams, but here it is presented as magician to fit with the game. The trickster is asked from a young lady to free her from a nightmare, which he does. He then provides her some torrid dreams before eating everyone she has, leaving her a boring monochrome world. The Victorian style of the clip is well adapted to this song.

Verdict : Excellent

リンちゃんなう!(Rin-chan now)

Poor excuse for a music. The goofy clip doesn’t really help this apocalyptic chain of repetitive sounds. It is even terrible to play since it lacks any form of rhythm. The only positive thing about it is that the adult Rin module comes with it.

Verdict : noise

千本桜 (Senbonzakura)

The lyrics of this song are extremely difficult, making it tricky to interpret. The clip seem to refer to the period just before WWII, so we could imagine it as an anti-war protest. But it could actually be a tribute the Japanese culture (materialized by the cherry-blossom) as opposed to the growing western influence in the beginning of the 20th century. In any case, it’s a truly moving song, with tailored clip & costumes. This music is the pinnacle of this DLC and by itself is worth the mere 3000 yens.

Verdict : Great masterpiece

Given the tremendous quality of this DLC, it’s safe to say it’s worth several times the cost. Consequently, the full PS3 game is a golden opportunity as it becomes the most complete and intense Project Diva game to date. Good timing, Sega is currently thinking about delivering it to you.

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