Why L is the true victor of Death Note

L d

/!\ WARNING /!\ This article contains major spoilers regarding Death Note

Seldom did reading provide me pleasure than Death Note. But at the same time, never did one book depress me more than the 7th volume of Death Note. L’s Death was blow in my calm student’s life. Besides Squall, I had never identified myself so much to a fictional character. Alone and misunderstood, antisocial and nonconformist, pure cartesian driven by thinking alone, L is the near perfect mirror of my own personality. Unable to go further, I took the volumes from 8 to 12 and, after quickly reading through the end, went to the second-hand bookshop in a vain attempt to forget about this cruel fate.

That’s a part of me that died this day. Thus began a eerie mourning, like this thing you regret and comes haunting you periodically. The blank face of L dead, the denial of justice, the triumph of felony, lies and dishonesty, all that had been stuck in my mind forever. I looked for inconsistency, wrote alternative scenarios. I found some, but the 7th volume was still standing there on the bookshelf, like certain doom. I swore L would live beyond that unacceptable end. Thus Ryuzaki57 was born, a digital self that is a major part of his total being.

In 2008, while in Tokyo, I acquired three things : the novel Death Note – Another Note, the DS game L 螺旋の罠 and above all, the DVD L Change the World. I could feel something had changed and that L finally reclaimed the spotlight. After all, Arthur Conan Doyle had revived Sherlock Holmes. Ironically, I usually don’t watch my DVDs cause I’m gaming so much. It’s only recently, by a calm evening of 2012 that I decided to put the DVD into my PS3. I was astonished when I realized that this story was taking place after Light’s death. Galvanized by this, I quickly bought the second Death Note movie. I didn’t think much of the first one, so I had never bothered. I never knew the answer to my anguish had been there since the very beginning. Death Note – The Last Name retells completely the story of the series and crowns L as the only victor, since neither Mello nor Near are mentioned. Even though L ultimately sacrifices himself, the above mentioned productions which conclude the saga show beyond doubt that L is the true hero and sole victor of Death Note, regardless of the irresistible end that had been written for him.


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