Review – The Unfinished Swan

The Unfinished Swan (TUS), what is it? The game starts off with a blank screen. I thought the game had frozen and tried all the buttons. I fired an ink ball. Black on white, but what more? It’s after hitting a corner that I understood. From this first-person view, the goal is simply to advance. I hereby introduces you the first Mirror’s Edge like in history!

Unlike its model, TUS is more about thinking than running. The title is full of crazy and innovative puzzles (creating platforms, use of light to progress…). It also benefits from an amazing art direction with unique and beautiful sceneries like the one above. The story is entertaining as well, almost moving, and reinforces the mysterious and fascinating aura that springs from TUS.

True, it’s quite short and the controls are a pain sometimes. But it does have a few challenges that add to the overall value for completionists. And think about it : you enter a paint shop and see a masterpiece at 7€, what do you do?


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