Review – たっち, しょ Love Application

Imagine yourself opening your mail and discovering a smartphone capable of finding your loved one. This how たっち,しょ Love Application (from now Love Application) actually begins

You won’t have to scan all your classmates : your «yphone», as the game calls it, indicates you the 4 girls you have a chance with. The gameplay is fairly simple. Every day, you will have the possibility to join one of the girls by going to one part of the school or the town, and then discuss with her or trigger events. Topics an events can be either good, neutral or bad for your relation.

There’s an application for everything, everyone knows that. Consequently, your yphone can help you avoid unfriendly topics. After some updates, it will even allow to read your interlocutor’s mind. To point is that you need to find the appropriate moment to launch the application because like every smartphone, the battery is rather weak. If you do catch to right timing, your friend-level will shot up. Your therefore end up permanently analyzing the conversation, which makes this game fascinating. On Friday evening, you can ask one of the girls for a date the following day, perfect occasion to boost your relation. If you play well, you can also unlock eh… attractive illustrations and trigger some wierd fantasies, like this rare scene in which you have to break your friend’s psychological resistance (?).

You play for 3 months in the game, which believe me is extremely short to get a decent result. I met the requirements for a good ending just a few days before the time limit in my first run, which took me roughly one week. Love Application can therefore be replayed a couple of times without ever being the same, as you’ll experience a fully different story.

Love Application is thus the arch-enemy of your couple, but at the same the dream-like game for singles who whish for girlfriend without having to suffer the drawbacks. A really fine dating sim which still requires a very high proficiency in Japanese.


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