Sniping in Black Ops II – Map analysis

Maps are a great strength of Black ops II multiplayer. I’ve been playing for quite a while now, here’s my sniper impressions on all of them, in no particular order with homemade screenshots.


Pretty difficult to master even in the long term, Plaza is a shopping mall composed with two elevated terraced structures and a plaza above some stairs in-between. The terraces have some excellent cover but there are not so many kill opportunities. On the plaza on the other hand, you’ll never be short of targets, but you will be sitting ducks for the players coming from all directions.


Chinese carrier whose deck is in shambles. It is a rather flat map with quite a bit of obstacles, but numerous spot are slightly elevated and give a good view of the comings and goings of your opponents. The clear side of the deck often hosts sniper duels. Actually quite a dynamic map.


A small village in Eastern Europe. Le layout is classic but extremely efficient with lots of 1-stored houses, whose windows face each-other and give a clear view of the street under. It makes it possible to attack from the windows or from the streets to surprise your rivals.


Useless map. This South American town has narrow and short streets that will lead all your sniping attempts to certain death. You can always take a stand at either ends of the central plaza, but your flanks are wide open. If you really want to go, try SVU-AS + ACOG or Ballista + Iron sights.


Not really big map. This environment of Pakistani slums has three big windows facing each other, but also overused path on its sides from which rushers often come. That said, there usually are plenty of inhabitants at the windows. The fallen bus part and the boat bow are useful spots as well. SVU-AS + variable zoom is an asset.


Long bullet train station. Awesome map in which you can see the other end from afar. The railway is within range and the control box adds pressure in mid-range engagement. Caution if you’re on the footbridge : you’re in permanently danger to get flanked.


Futuristic military base lost in a jungle. Drone has insanely long firing lines. Actually, you may well get sniped if you’re at either end of the map. Once you’ve won your duel, the poor guys going through the center or waiting by th window are yours. The sides are somewhat busy at time, but you can quickscope or support behind the mobile front line.


Very complex coastal town. You’ll have to learn the layout to perform, because there are many buildings and as many windows. Being mobile is key as you’ll have to create yourself opportunities. Staying at one place won’t get you anywhere here, you’ll fall asleep! Once you know where is where, you will be able to use the long avenues and seaside paths to your advantage.


Luxury property cut in three lines. It depends on how others players will play : if people gather in the court at the center, it’s gonna be boring. But if people use the sides, there’ll be plenty of action for you.


Post-Apocalyptic scenery on a very large surface. Snipers will prefer the side of the bus, the latter being a dream-like hideout to shoot opponents coming from both sides. Near respawn locations, there are two stored-buildings that allow you to organize defense when overwhelmed. 


Very nice map with an open central area. 3 locations are facing each other, which prevents camping. Therefore, you’ll have to be quick on the trigger to win here. High points make support fire possible on the sides.



THE ultimate sniping map! Very like Afghan in MW2, average distance is quite long and snipers rule. Bunkers allow you to stay covered and hidden until the moment to strike comes. From other locations you can see half of the map, but the lack of cover makes it risky. Up to you to play it safe or make a gamble to climb the leaderboards. 


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