Kasumi, the WiiU exclusivity that goes too far

In this week’s Nintendo direct, Yosuke Hayashi, big boss of Team Ninja, has announced a further free character for the WiiU version of Ninja Gaiden 3 (NG3), called Razor’s Edge. It’s Kasumi, central character of the Dead or Alive series. Fans have always dreamed of seeing her arrive in the series : she’s a Kunoichi too after all.

Good news? Hell no! Because PS3/360 owners (i.e. the majority of the fans) are once again left behind. This rushed announcement (Kasumi will be downloadable next year) outlines the hypocrisy and the corruption that surrounds Razor’s Edge. Momiji, so far exclusive to the PS3 version of Ninja Gaiden 2, had been also announced for free during the launch window of the WiiU in the US. Razor’s Edge not having accomplished stellar sales statewise, Nintendo wanted another trump card to increase the pressure when blackmailing the Ninja Gaiden fans. In other words, Kasumi is taken hostage by Nintendo to force current PS3/360 owners to buy a WiiU, and it was Tecmo who sold her to them.

Let’s remember that WE PS3/360 players have made what Ninja Gaiden is today as a series. Does Tecmo, who delivered us a poor first version of Ninja Gaiden 3 in March, have the right to allocate such exclusivity to Nintendo fanboys who are obviously ignoring the quality of this awesome beat them’ all? Why in the world should we be forced to invest 400€ in a system bound to fail just to play 1 or 2 games that should have gone to us first? Nintendo crossed the line this time. In their constant buying out of exclusives here and there, they look down to us with their casual dollars. Those TecmoKoei backstabbers are no better, since they accepted such shady deal without thinking about their fans first.

Like this was not cynical enough, they offer us to buy Ninja Gaiden Σ2+ on PSVita. Why in the hell aren’t they including Kasumi to boost the attractiveness of this remake? They does send some positive messages between the lines, like when Hayashi-san told Siliconera that they were thinking about a way «to make Ninja Gaiden fans happy on all systems», or this mysterious Ninja Gaiden Σ3 that discreetly appeared on amazon for PS3 and 360.

My friends, let’s not be fooled by the sweet talk. What we want is an OFFICIAL announcement, to show fans that they have a minimum consideration for them. Until then, don’t hesitate to express your displeasure at such contempt on twitter and facebook. Tell them you will NOT buy WiiU, or any of their upcoming Vita games (Dead or Alive 5+ is also in the works) unless they set things straight! Be merciless, in the following weeks, their social networks have to look like THAT :


2 thoughts on “Kasumi, the WiiU exclusivity that goes too far

  1. Butt hurt? You sound just like nintendo fans during the N64/PS1 era, get over it. If you like the feature buy a Wii U, if not don’t that’s the end of it. Good lord.

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