Hideo Baba says there’s still a “possibility” for Tales of Vesperia on PS3

Maybe, maybe not… that’s all the producer of the Tales of series has to answer to the rightful concerns of Gematsu regarding the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia, still blocked in Japan’s customs. The question asked at New York’s Comic-con was clear though : “Can you, at least, officially shut down a possible localization for Tales of Vesperia on PlayStation 3? There may still be fans holding back importing”. Although it would be high time to be honest with people whom they’re asking money from through Tales of Graces F and Tales of Xillia, Namco keeps telling lies and sham.

It’s been three years since Tales of Vesperia was released everywhere on Xbox360, and in Japan on PS3. I would rather think the producer has a precise idea on what to do with his game. But we still can’t get a clear answer. The publisher is unable to take responsibility for the original sin they commited when they sold us fans for a few bucks. Baba-san again says they lacked workforce to localize, but this argument, already used during Japan Expo (Paris, France) is pathetic : any company that has growth opportunies hires to ensure the expansion of it business.

In short, again a childish attempt from the publisher to hide the truth in the tricky situation in which it has to withstand to rightful anger of fans but also to promote its future titles to those same fans. Such pitiful guys don’t deserve your money, remember to NEVER buy anything from them outside Tales of and Ni no Kuni.


3 thoughts on “Hideo Baba says there’s still a “possibility” for Tales of Vesperia on PS3

  1. Why anything but Tales of and ni No Kuni??? Because you say so ?
    I would totally respect your choice if you say “don’t buy anything from them”, but don’t make stupid rules…

    • The stupid thing would be an undiscriminate boycott. By doing this, they can clearly see the message in their sales figures. Why would they bother localizing ToV of PS3 users don’t buy the ones available? That may even lead to more Tales on other systems! But you’re free to set your own rules…

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