Review – Senran Kagura Burst

Not really a sequel, Senran Kagura Burst makes you revisit the story of the first Senran Kagura (SK) from the «bad girls» side. You therefore play as the busty female ninja of Ebijo school, opposed to the (equally busty) heroines of the first game. I’m not sure Marvelous had expected to do a sequel, because the characters of this one don’t really fit in the main role. It impacts the story because it fails to achieve the same coherence we had in SK. It feels more like a sum of individual stories of variable interest.

Higake as well as the duo Yomi/Ikaruga were great parts, I really like both the story and the gameplay. Homura was fun to play (especially in Crimson mode) but her story was skipped (probably because we already know it from SK). Haruka and Mirai felt really flat imo. I have to stress that, like in the first one, there a LOT of written dialogs. It’s not uncommon to read for half an hour and actually play a 3-minute level. SKB therefore is a light novel as much as a video game. Beware though, the level of Japanese used is VERY advanced and will kill anybody in-learning.

The gameplay of this BTA is more varied than in first one and combos can are smoother than before. A good thing that takes all its flavour in the reshuffled difficulty settings. SK was a somewhat easy game. SKB is really easy too (excluding the side mission which are pretty tough)… until chapter 4 in which difficulty suddenly increases tenfold! The AI that had been queing to get its ass kicked so far now deals considerable damage, and your rivals act as real bosses. Hence you begin to play Senran Kagura for real : making clever use of burst and dash and using your ougi at the right moment is critical to encure victory. Those difficulty spikes might be unsettling, but I liked that extra pressure.

No problem in graphics, the engine is still the most impressive I’ve seen on 3DS. The anime-like style is unrivaled on the system.

This newest Senran Kagura adresses the fans of the series first, but doesn’t forget about newcomers since the (comparatively good) first episode in fully included in it! A double ration of Senran Kagura certainly is worth the while.


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