Atelier Ayesha comes to the West, and sooner than expected!

It’s with immense delight that we learn today through Siliconera that Atelier Ayesha has a release window in the West. The future of the series was in question as Gust’s new owner, Tecmo Koei, had never expressed its opinion about the future of the series so far. The publisher however seems to think localization as a no-brainer, since Ayesha will be available during Q1 2013 (EDIT : March 8th), that is to say 2 or 3 months earlier that Meruru. The sales of the latter must have been satisfying, and it’s a shame we can’t confirm this as Vgchartz is full of holes lately.

The western press yet has used every possible means to shoot Atelier down this year. It begins with, the most famous French game website, which had discreetly reviewed the game, 3 weeks after release, refusing it even the tiniest visibility on the homepage. Worse still, the score was capped to 14 (out of 20), exactly the same as Rorona, despite numerous improvements, in graphics for example. I did point out those reviewing flaws in the forum, and in the Mugen Souls forum, this further review being full of contradictions in the scoring system. Let’s stress for the record that the reviewer actually answered my pleas, which is nice of him, even though he admitted rating the game WITHOUT ACTUALLY PLAYING IT UNTIL THE END. Few actually bother to enter the debate. Another French reviewer, on, as close-minded as professionally inept, slashes a 10/20 to every Atelier game, with short and unconvincing explanation. But the most retarded fellow is without a doubt the caveman who reviewed the game for Gamespot, his best argument for awarding 5/10 being the characters’ outfits. All this could be amusing if those people weren’t preeminent opinions leaders, paid to write such bullshit. Those vile persons don’t even respect their readers, and just because to fanbase of those games is so limited, they abandon themselves to prejudice and contempt. But fans don’t intend to be mocked at like that : many of them expressed their displeasure in the comments and backed me on

Atelier Ayesha hence is, like Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, the latest entry of a series that can move on its own despite groundless hate or ignorance (Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 wasn’t reviewed ANYWHERE), thanks to a loving fanbase which will never lose to the conservatism and the corruption that plagues today’s gaming press.


3 thoughts on “Atelier Ayesha comes to the West, and sooner than expected!

    • I am merely expressing my displeasure at the costant trolling towards Atelier and others series like Hyperdimension Neptune in some websites. They insult me first by the lack of respect they express to their readers. Of course, that doesn’t apply to all rewievers since you do find honest people here and there. The picture is here to make some impact but has to be considered with the article as a whole.

  1. Western reviewers and game press are a passel of burger-eating gun-toting troglodytes who jump for money and Uncle Sam.

    That said, I have played every Atelier game since Marie on the Sega Saturn. I must say it is rare to find a series that gets better and better with every new release. I think Atelier Ayesha is my new favourite game in the series, after Meruru and Marie. The game is such a charm to play. The Homunculi village funeral scene was truly heart-rending. Every conversation and character was well thought of. I think the best way we can show our appreciation for the hard work that GUST put into this game is to buy it, play it, and tell our friends about it.

    It is a refreshing game that is very appreciated in this current USA-focused market.

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