Review – If I were in a sealed room with a girl I would

If I were in a sealed room with a girl I would is the longest and the dumbest title name I’ve ever seen… and written. Therefore, I’ll shorten it to «Sealed Room»

Sealed Room looked like a dating sim, but turned out to be a puzzle game (!?). No, don’t go! Because the whole point is still to deliver some fan-service with hot outfits and suggestive sequences.

Sealed Room has a unique gameplay. You have to find key parts to unlock the doors keeping your future girlfriends (yes, you do that for a purpose). To do that, you will ask the heroine to interact with the items in the room in a precise order so as to trigger events. But where it gets complicated is that you must WRITE the name of the items on the touchscreen

Unlike Project Diva or Senran Kagura for example, it is nearly impossible to progress in Sealed Room without a good knowledge of written Japanese. Any misspelling will block you (you play in katakana), and the vocabulary isn’t that easy. Like during the 3rd sequence in which you have a rolling pin. I didn’t even knw rolling pin in English, so I had to go through French – English – Japanese to find out. And the best part : I didn’t even need that fu*** rolling pin to clear the level.

So I was keeping the walkthrough open in Safari just in case. And there’s been a lot of cases, because some puzzles are really hard to solve, and here you don’t have SOS coins. Hints are well hidden and the game keeps purposely sending you on the wrong track. It also uses the gyroscopic features of the 3DS to look around (well, not just around…). It actually makes it impossible to play the game in public transportation, not mention the fact you have to find a blind spot if you don’t want to look like a pervert.

With 5 different endings (maybe even more), Sealed Room has a great replay value, even despite the tiresome dialogs in the first half of the game (but you can still save before the ending junction and leave the 3DS in sleep mode when you’re not playing). The love part is not too shabby and I almost shed a tear at the end.

I wasn’t expecting anything special from it, but Sealed Room turned out to be quite solid on both sides and should satisfy the mots Japanese-literate hobbyists.


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