Hatsune Miku Project Diva f boosts PSVita in Japan and beyond

I was recently telling you how Project Diva f is an extremely good game. The Japanese clearly noticed because they were more than 40’000 to buy PSVita just for it. True, sales plummeted just after, but that’s not today’s point.

What is interesting is what happens in countries where it did NOT release. In the three weeks following the release of the game, Vita surged in France (+38%), it exploded in Germany (+40%) and was also up in Britain (+14%). All this in a depressed hardware market in general (-9% for the period) and falling PSVita software sales (-8%). We in Europe haven’t seen a PSVita game for ages, so what happens is that thousands of people across all Europe are rushing to import the game for no less that 70 or even 80€ (not to mention the 250€ for the Vita itself). Therefore, Project Diva f has a small but sizable influence in countries it wasn’t developed for at all! Such is the power of Hatsune Miku.

Oddly enough, a Sega representative popped the party saying that all that wasn’t enough for a sequel, in grounds that the production costs are too high. This analysis is quite irrelevant in its timing and very strange to begin with. Project Diva Extend opened at 185’000 copies last year. Project Diva f sold 160’000 hard copies plus 16’000 digital (10%, which is Sega’s own estimates). Therefore, it achieve a roughly similar opening on an install base 20 times smaller! This is a HUGE performance, which demonstrates, if needed, that the Hatsune Miku fans are extremely devoted. Let’s not forget that the boxed game costs 7’300 ¥ and PSVita 25’000¥. Dropping the series makes no sense. To do what? Another cheap 3DS spin-off? Project Mirai stalls at 130’000 copies. Go back to PSP? And why not to PSone when you’re at it? This guy probably wanted to trigger guilt purchases. DLCs are coming to boost the profitability of the game, and the first one is no less than Haku.

They don’t have to worry about money…


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