At Tokyo Game Show 2012, Sony is again alone on the ring

This year again, Sony was the only one to hold a conference, because once more Microsoft and Nintendo didn’t show up. The event was nothing big, but Sony had a few surprises ready. The first is the «super-slim» PS3. Sony cut the dimensions but not the price. There is a 229€ model, but this one has only 12GB of flash memory, just enough to run 3 or 4 games. The packs that include a game will still cost 299€, which may not be economical enough to resist the WiiU launch.

On the software side, Sony who just «lost» the Bayonetta franchise (for how much time?) immediately gets itself another, as Marvelous prepares a Senran Kagura for the PSVita. Sure, it’s nowhere as big as Bayonetta, but this series is extremely popular on 3DS and thus may cause thousands of fans to buy a Vita when it releases on February 28th. Tecmo Koei also is supporting the Vita quite a bit, when the remake of the outstanding Ninja Gaiden Σ2 and the birth of a new series named Tokiden (討鬼伝), which resemble Onimusha at first look. Those are fine games to be sure, but none of them will have the impact of God Eater 2, also announced in a real Vita version. It’s a shame they didn’t drop the PSP version, as it will slow the rise in Vita sales. Japanese developers not letting go of the PSP is Vita’s biggest problem at the moment, and it would be high time they realize that the new handheld is in a race against time. Nevertheless, PSVita’s future is little clearer in Japan now, although it’s unlikely to steal much market share from the competition. At best, the Vita will be able to survive through 2013, which would already be a great thing.


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