Some really interesting games from Tokyo Game Show 2012

Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3)

No need to introduce ToX2, sequel to the best Tales of to date. This video shows that all the former characters return in this explosive sequel. It seem to re-use many elements though (such as enemies) but it you be mean to be pricky. Tales of Xillia 2 will hit the West if you buy Tales of Graces F and Tales of Xillia.  

Toki to Wa (PS3)

First 100% anime-style RPG, Toki to Wa readies its launch with a spooky voice that reminds me of something… But whatever, it’s only 20 days before the game gets released in Japan. It has been recently confirmed for the West as well.

God Eater 2 (PSVita)

You can throw your old PSP to the bin, because God Eater 2 will get an ehanced PSVita version. The bad news is that both versions are now delayed to 2013, but it will surely be worth the wait.

Professeur Layton and the ruins of Asland (3DS)

The 6th episode of Professor Layton is on track to the delight of puzzle-game, paper-sketching addicts. It seems to be a direct sequel to the 4th one, but I can’t say for sure since I don’t have the 5th. The West should get it in 2014, if the world still holds until then. 

Ace Attorney 5 (3DS)

Exit Apollo Justice. The young attorney leaves the court because his mentor Phoenix Whright is back for this 3DS iteration. The game benefits from an astonishingly good cell-shading and is rumored to be localized around 2014 for the West.

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney (3DS)

AT LAST! The dream-like crossover will release on November 29th in Japan and on my 3DS. This latest video shows how puzzles, trials and character design get along in this Level-5 game that may be published by Nintendo around next autumn. You know what? I really pity you guys…


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