Bayonetta 2 will NOT be a WiiU exclusive and here’s why!

Like a US embassy, the little world of video games is in state of all-out war at the moment.

The reason being the rather successful Nintendo conference, in which the manufacturer revealed they would be publishing Bayonetta 2, a game that everyone thought canceled and buried. This makes it a first party game, which cannot be ported elsewhere save in the dreams of betrayed PS3/360 owners. But many observers have overlooked one thing, the trademark «Bayonetta» still belongs to Sega.

That means that Nintendo is only borrowing the license from Sega, and that the latter can release another Bayonetta game on whichever platform, anytime. They could very well knock at Platinum Games’s door and ask them to develop for PS3 and 360 a game called let’s say Bayonetta Σ2 (hey, it kind of rings a bell) that would be Bayonetta 2, but with modifying the pixel 478 of frame 187543. And here we have a different game from the one Nintendo published, making it perfectly legitimate from a legal point of view. Needless to say, such a scheme would drive the game’s profitability significantly up, which would be extremely beneficial to Platinum Games. Nintendo will have made the buzz, funded the ad campaign and part of the development, Sega and PG will just have to stoop to pick up the money from disgruntled PS3/360 owners rushing en masse to take back THEIR game.

Because WE made the success of the Bayonetta franchise to begin with. Unlike what has been said everywhere, Bayonetta didn’t bomb. 2 millions copies have been sold. It may have known a sharp price cut, but that was Sega’s decision, nor the players’ fault. In Japan, Bayonetta sold 262’000 units in the three first weeks (before any price cut), which makes up for 88% of the total sales in that countries. What can the Japanese fans, who have contributed so much to PG’s revenues, feel when they’ve just been stabbed in the back? Futhermore, those who picked Bayonetta later at a reduced price might just have liked it enough to buy the sequel day one, but the purchase of a new system may very well be too much to ask for. On the other hand, Wii owners have shown little interest fof BTA, why should it be different for WiiU, which is similar to its predecessor in many ways? Proposing Bayonetta 2 to the fans of the first game should have been obvious, and basic manners.

Players see right through all this. Protests on the web have been hotter than around the Yemenite US embassy. NeoGAF is full of them, and the twitter accounts of PG staff, like the charismatic Hideki, are under fire since Thursday. Kamiya tries to RT every favorable message from Nintendo fanboys who jumped on the occasion, but you can sense the nervousness. I myself pointed out that they were doing a mistake. 

Your best is not good enough! Please stop this madness and give Bayonetta 2 to the fans of the first one. That should be the minimum.

this is a provocation and you have crossed the line. I’m disappointed.

There’s a contradiction in that statement. You know full well that you can’t increase users on WiiU alone.

It’s high time we retaliate. If you too want to play Bayonetta without having to make a 350€ purchase, (politely) voice your displeasure to @platinumgames @PG_kamiya @PG_jp @PG_minami and don’t forget to tell them you’re NOT getting Metal Gear Rising either (which they are developing). If you actually don’t bother waiting a bit before starting Raiden’s adventures, let 1 or 2 week pass. That will be the most powerful message we can send.

Mr. Kojima I’m sorry, but I won’t purchase MG RISING due to recent decisions made by Platinum Games. I cannot accept it.


16 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 will NOT be a WiiU exclusive and here’s why!

  1. I can’t help be amused at this post. People have spent years attacking Nintendo for its console not being powerful enough, and not having hardcore games. Now it builds the more powerful console and builds a powerful hardcore library, including this game people have demanded, one that should serve it well into this next console generation….and people attack it for being too powerful, and talk about how you can still have great game experiences with a less powerful console? Now where have I heard that argument before….oh yeah, that’s exactly what Nintendo fans have been saying for years as people have continued to attack them saying the Wii is shit because of underpowered hardware and lack of hardcore games. There’s just no satisfying you guys, is there?

    Also, there are alot of flaws with your protest plan. In order for that protest to work, someone must have BOUGHT the system and game new before you did, meaning even if you buy both used, that doesn’t hurt either companies, because they still made the profit from the person who previously purchased them, so no matter how many people you get into that plan, it won’t effect Nintendo or PG at all. New consoles and new games MUST be sold before they can be bought used, so both companies are still profiting. Try again.

    And another thing to consider is that if Nintendo hadn’t stepped in and published the game when they did, Bayonetta 2 would have never existsed. The game was canceled, done deal, never to be seen again because Sega decided to drop the publishing of this game due to financial troubles, so no. Sega does not own the trademark to Bayonetta, Platinum does. Sega dumped the IP because they are in financial troubles right now, and didn’t see Bayonetta 2 as a good investment, since the first didn’t sell as well as they wanted. No, 2 million was not enough. It sounds like a lot, but considering how much it cost to make the game, it really isn’t.

    Also, PG actually did go to Sony and Microsoft to get the game published. But guess what? PG was turned down by both of them. In other words, Sony and MS don’t even want Bayonetta 2 on their consoles, because they, like Sega, didn’t see it as a good investment. Turned down by Sega, Sony, AND Microsoft. Guess who’s left? Nintendo actually came to PG and told them that they would fund and publish the game as long as it’s exclusive to their console. In other words, Nintendo saved Bayonetta 2. So choose your path. Bayonetta 2 on Wii U exclusively, or no Bayonetta 2 at all? If you seriously mean to tell me that you’d rather never see it made, you are selfish in trying to keep a sequal to critically acclaimed game from other gamers who WILL buy the Wii U. The only way Bayonetta 2 will be able to come to other platforms is if PG had published the game themselves, and they’ve proven that they are highly unable to do that.

    Also, this whole thing about PG betraying their fans, it sounds too much like the Final Fantasy fanboys who were upset that FF13 was going to be on 360. Grow up. If you were a real fan of Bayonetta, you’d play it no matter what console it’s on.

    • You rise interesting points. First, the used purchase strategy. There will be lots of people buying WiiU ’cause I can’t convince everybody, and some will resell it. Now let’s imagine 40 people willing to buy WiiU. Rather than having those 40 buy WiiU new (maximum profit for Nintendo), I propose that some of those (likely 5 to 10 depending on the number of used WiiUs on the market) buy it used. Nintendo loses a certain percentage of profit and that’s the way we can protest. That also applies for the game.

      2 millions weren’t enough you say? Don’t tell me you expect Bayonetta 2 to sell more than 2 million on WiiU alone… Again, nothing proves PG had no choice but Nintendo, maybe those ones just had the most generous offer, you can’t know that. And the thing is that if it is really exclusive, I’ll be seeing it on the shelves telling me I can’t play because it’s on a system that I don’t believe in. And again 400€ is a lot of money just to play a game. That said, if WiiU get more powerful exclusives like this one, I may consider the purchase, like I did for Wii when Xenoblade came out.

      • 2 million isn’t enough, period. Games like Bayonetta cost tons to develop now, publishers are spending more than 100 million dollars to get the games made. These publishers need to sell a lot more than 2 million to break even with that cost at $60 a game sold, even if Bayonetta sold 3 million, it still wouldn’t have been enough. For games that cost less to make, 2 million will likely be enough to profit from. Games like Okami and Counter Strike cost much less to make then others, and can profit from a lesser amount of units sold. But expensive games like Bayonetta can’t profit from 2 million new copies sold. Sony had the same problem, they still do. Uncharted only just started making a profit last year, a franchise that has been around since the start of this generation. Same case, Uncharted 2 cost tons to make, and it didn’t start making money until it finally passed 4 million copies.

        Also, though Nintendo wasn’t the only one who could have published the game, you also need to consider how many other publishers would have invested in the game if Sega, Sony, and MS didn’t see Bayonetta 2 as a good investment. PG was turned down by 3 publishers, and gave up on getting the game made. That’s when Nintendo basically came to the rescue. PG didn’t go to Nintendo, Nintendo came to them. PG just basically took the chance and ran with it, because they cannot publish their own games.

      • You should definitely pick one up. The Wii U is a great system. Xenoblade Chronicles X looks like it will be excellent, as well. I have a Ps4 and a Wii U – the great thing about the U is how cheap it is, plus a lot of the games look as good or better than my Ps4 titles.

        Get the Ps4/Xb1 for the FPS multi-plats (Destiny, Evolve, etc.) and nab a Wii U for the top-notch exclusives.

  2. I think you should read the article on your VGChartz feed, the one titled “Bayonetta 2 Exposes Gamers as Terrible Fanboys” and think twice about whether you should really call yourself a gamer.

    • I read and I commented this article, but I do believe that fans of the 1st Bayonetta have the right to say they’re furious about having to spend 350€ in a new hardware. And really I don’t see what the definition of a gamer has to do with all that…

      • It means accept it and move on. Whatever you say or do won’t change the fact that hadn’t Nintendo funded its release, Bayonetta 2 might not have existed.

        And what exactly do you mean by paying 350€ (Which I assume is 350 US$) for a new hardware. By new hardware, you mean Nintendo console, right? Because I bet they won’t have any qualms about buyimg a Sony or Microsoft hardware at that price.

      • Yeah… I’ve chilled out more or less. I will remove the boycott part it’s not relevant. If Nintendo delivers good content like Bayonetta 2 and NG3 Razor’s Edge then I have to support them.

  3. To whomever wrote this article, sorry, it’s confirmed, it’s exclusive, quit crying because if Nintendo DIDN’T do this, Bayonetta would have been a one hit wonder like many other games that were great but never got to live to see a sequel of their games to even be a TWINKLE of a franchise.

    • Yes, the lastest trailer pretty much crushed my final hopes. I’ll probably miss this title unless WiiU gets much cheaper because I don’t see myself investing 300 or 400€ for one game. Frustrating but it can’t be helped.

  4. You’re an idiot, and here’s why. Bayonetta 2 will be a Wii U exclusive because Nintendo own the publishing rights. Jesus.

  5. Any self respecting gamer would want a Wii U anyway. Period. Have you not seen the quality of the games coming out for it? Please, only a cry baby who can’t save enough pocket money to buy one would write something so stupid. Get a grip and get a Wii U or stop pretending you’re a gamer. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate great games like those on the Wii U is a fake wanna be gamer.

    • I don’t know about self-respecting gamer and stuff, but let me say this : 350€ for one or two games is a lot of money. And believe me or not I haven’t the slightest interest in what’s coming to WiiU besides Bayonetta 2 and X, and those two games are not worth a 350€ investment. I’ll buy WiiU when it hits 149€ tops!

      • Cry me a river, i really don’t care.
        Ppl like you make me sick. Like OP said, you have no problem paying for XBone or PS4, but hate to pay for WiiU. Why? They have excellent games. If you only like FPS, you DO NOT need to buy an XBone or PS4. Just use your PC. Most of those games come to PC as well.
        Nintendo has just a lot of fantastic exclusives. If you are not the type of gamer to play those kinds of games, you are not the kind of person to talk shit about the WiiU.

      • It so happens that my PC is not powerful enough to run BF4 for example. Btw, PS4 has a freakin’ lot of Japanese exclusives that will never be elsewhere. All this makes PS4 the best possible investment.

        And yes, your fantastic Nintendo exclusives are absolutely uniteresting to me, hence my big problem about Bayo 2 being WiiU only. I’ll probably have to stare at it in stores for a long time, but be sure I’ll watch the sales and write a LOT about them. PG is certainly not getting away with stabbing their public while making smiles in Directs on the top of it!

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