Sony, Golden Palm of Gamescom 2012

Even though neither Microsoft nor Nintendo showed up at Gamescom (maybe they have nothing to show), Sony launched a big offensive during this Gamescom 2012.

In Germany, the Japanese manufacturer focused on new announcements for both PS3 and PSVita. Keeping perfect balance between new IPs and blockbusters, emotion and action, innovation and tradition, Sony impressed the media, always very prompt at pointing out the dullness of its presentations.

Let’s begin with Until Dawn, a survival-horror for PS3 that is only playable with Move. Even though we don’t know much more about it, we can already imagine using Move like a torch, which could actually be quite fun.

Comes Rain, another PS3 game in which you play as a little boy whose silhouette can only be seen in the rain. The poetic trailer is particularly intruiging.

Sony doesn’t forget its digital agenda and also presents The Pupetter, a PSN game looking like a puzzle/platformer. But what catches the eye here is the Tim Burton-like design and the animation of the characters.

Last but not least, this Vita game called Tearaway is all about paper and, besides the kawaii design, will feature a smart use of Vita’s capabilities. You can for example send your foes flying with your own finger or snap photos to upload new patterns.

But Sony had also in its suitcase some good old IPs likely to seduce hardcore gun nuts. The rather impressive Killzone Mercenary is one of those.

While Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified doesn’t seem outstanding in its presentation, it could still be a lot of fun if the Dragunov one-shot kills that easily

No doubt Sony’s presentation is a huge slap in the face for the competition. When Microsoft let 3rd parties do all the job and Nintendo proposes nothing but mario, the Tokyo-based firm prefers innovation to inertia, poetry to violence, new concepts rather than established franchises.

Sony is thus once more the one which breaks the vicious circle of endless casual and non-stop action to bring the cultural diversity that the industry needs. Despite its economic troubles, Sony is the artistic leader of the video game world.


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