Some particularly interesting games of Gamescom 2012

Remember Me (PS3/X360)

Developed by the French studio Dontnod but published by Capcom, Remember Me is what Japan responds to Watchdogs, because the near-future setting is particularly similar. You play as Nilin, a young woman who has the ability (or a smart device) to change the memory of others. The games features puzzle phases that will have you alter the life of your targets. With open world that seems to look like Deux Ex’s, Remember Me will surely be major news when it comes out in May 2013.

Tokyo Jungle (PS3)

I really don’t know how this one made it out of Japan, but we might as well take it. Imagine Tokyo has been destroyed by some catastrophe, mankind is gone and only animals survived. The fauna now has to keep surviving and it’s up to you to lead the way.

Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3)

Tales of Xillia 2 didn’t make it to Germany since we poor Europeans don’t even have Tales of Graces f yet. Still, this video being posted during Gamescom is no coincidence. Old characters like Reia, Alvin, Rowen and Elise are back with in like Victorian clothing, and Ludger seems to have a some huge debt to pay pack. Did the crisis strike again?

Ni no Kuni – Warth of the White Witch (PS3)

No comment on that superb trailer of Ni no Kuni, because the art of Studio Ghibli speaks for itself.

Sim City (PC)

But THE game I’m looking out for the most in 2013 is the new Sim City. Sim City 3000, a 1999 game, is still today a fantastic title that I can play for hours. Twelve year of non-stop computing evolution multiplies the attractiveness of Sim City. Multiplayer looks awesome : common objectives, infinite exchange and competitive possibilities and a fully globalized economy that fluctuates in real time, making decisions more crucial than ever.


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