Did DLCs kill Final Fantasy?

J’accuse SquareEnix. I’m not against DLCs in general (I’m often happy to buy them), but the dreadful organization of the DLC season for Final Fantasy XIII-2 jeopardizes the series at least as much as the polemic over the first Final Fantasy XIII.

First, pricing : 2€ for a costume, 3€ for one boss and 4€ for a short scenario. I might seem okay like that (actually it isn’t), but over several weeks it makes quite a large sum (the prices in yen were even higher). French game websites didn’t stop short of mocking this avalanche of content, making a fool of SquareEnix and the potential buyers. Final Fantasy XIII-2 quickly became the shame of the gaming world, and the increasing number of DLCs accelerated the decline of a of series that had gained so much respect over the years.

If that wasn’t enough, the DLCs themselves were of unequal interest. Some bosses like Gilgamesh or Jihl are nearly impossible to beat, let alone to get in your party, even with maxed characters. 100% drop rate of the characters’ crystals should have been something obvious, but the publisher doesn’t care. When you tease characters, the least you can do is to make sure people can obtain them, especially if you charge people for them! Nothing of the sort for SquareEnix, who seem to forget to notion of costumer support in such situation, leaving deeply unsatisfied gamers with flawed content. Nor can we understand why this season should have lasted 4 months while you can beat the game in 1 or 2 weeks. Costumes, characters and stuff makes no sense if you’ve already finished. I myself stopped playing at one point to wait for the season to end. We did have some nice things though, like the two Lightning, or Ultros’s return.

But what makes me really mad is that errie silence from SquareEnix regarding the series. After winning the jackpot, the publisher seems to ditch the series as if it were a plummeting share. No localization of Type-0, no word on VersusXIII, just… Theathrythm (‘°o°)>! On the other hand, the Japanese (?) company puts every available resource on its western projects : there’s no week without news from Agent 47 or a new trailer of Tomb Raider. SquareEnix killed Final Fantasy with its own hands, and they will ultimately pay for that.


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