Enough of E3, let’s talk about serious games!

In an E3 of which most of the games look the same and can be put in something like 2 genres, a E3 where you find nothing else than Snooping Dogs, Hitman and other FPS/TPS more or less badass, it’s good to remember that on the other side of the Planet, there is a tiny country that also makes video games. With today’s western-centric journalism, it’s pretty easy to forget…

Hyperdimension Neptune V (PS3)

If I hadn’t been in a restaurant at that moment, I would have cried of happiness at the announcement of Hyperdimension Neptune V. Because V stands for victory (not 5). Victory over the profound indifference of traditional observers, because the 2nd one has never been reviewed (well it’s probably better like this), and therefore victory of a community that keeps its series alive without the approval of institutionals. As for the game itself, it should be significantly close to Mk2 in the mechanics, but sees the return of Neptune in the main role. She will be transported in a different dimension that takes place in the 70’s (who said “Men in Black III”?) and make the acquaintance of her Planeptune counterpart. 

Senran Kagura Burst (3DS)

Other fan service-centric game, Senran Kagura Burst will have to show some improvements in gameplay compared to the 1st one. Like it was clearly hinted at in the previous scenario, you will this time play as the bad guys girls who will have to prove, if needed, that they are not bad at all. Of course, don’t expect this game to come to your western 3DS.

Hatsune Miku Next (PSVita)

Surprisingly, this game was on the E3 showfloor at the Vita booth. Needless to say, the French journalists out there were too busy detailing the games they advertise on their websites for giving even a look to this licence, which is the first time it has been seen outside Japan (difficult to say if it will be localized though). After successful PSP versions and a rather anecdotal 3DS one, digitak star Hatsune Miku comes to Vita in a classic rhythm game but with outstanding graphics. Just watch…

Sol Trigger (PSP)

A discreet but ambitious JRPG for PSP. Imageepoch, responsible for the disappointing Black Rock Shooter but also for the promising Toki to Wa, seems to want to get back to the fundamentals of the genre for this last grand RPG of the PSP. Featuring a solid voice cast (Otsuka Akio > Snake, Shunsui; Sawashiro Miyuki > Millia, Sice…), Sol Trigger is due to hit Japan and my PSVita on october 4th.

Project X Zone (3DS)

Sort of gigantic cross-over featuring famous characters from Sega, Namco and Capcom, Project X Zone will take the form of a 2D tactical RPG. Unfortunately I would say, because 3DS can do much better, and I can’t believe that 3 publishers joining forces can’t raise sufficient funds to aim higher. It should nevertheless be an interesting title for JRPGs fans who will see Yuri&Estelle back with others they normally don’t know such as Dante, Kurt&Reila, Xiaoyu or Leanne from Resonance of Fate. Be also informed that more than a thousand gamers have already joined forces to ask for the localization of this game.

Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3)

A direct sequel of a Tales of is a rare occurrence. And when it’s about the best one in the series, Tales of Xillia, it makes it even bigger news. That said, nothing indicates any sort link with Xillia in the recently revealed trailer.


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