After 27 years, ゲーマガ (Gamerga) game monthly stops being published

That’s odd. When you get attached to something (or someone), you naturally come to think it will be here forever. But life is transient, and it never fails to remind you so when suddenly, what you hold dear is irresistibly taken from you, leaving nothing but a sad nostalgia.

I came to know ゲーマガ by a attractive cover of Hyperdimension Neptune Mk2. I was instantly hooked by the content of this monthly release, which had all the necessary info for otakus, might it be obscene but exhaustively discussed adult games or the latest ultra-famous RPG addressed to everyone. Sure, I hadn’t been reading ゲーマガ for that long, but the quality & quantity of the content, as well as the many games of which I wouldn’t have heard of should have I not been reading it made this game magazine a delicious pleasure of my life in Paris. How many great games have I discovered in those pages, how many artworks have I been enjoying? How much exclusive information? How many kanjis and words learned in those paragraphs?

So, when the shopkeeper told me that they wouldn’t be importing it after April, I looked at him with total incomprehension. I took little notice, reckoning I just had to order it the normal way. Alas! When reading through the April issue, a double page from Compile Heart caught my eye : I was saying «thank you Gamerga». My heart stopped beating. Turning back the pages in a hurry, the awful truth stood firm in front of me : the title on the left was indeed saying «sayonara Gamerga».

Funny enough, ゲーマガ and myself were born the same year, in 1984. When the magazine was first published, it was called «Beep» and saw the rise of gaming. Later it became focused on Sega systems, before reaching the current formula in 2001.

ゲーマガ is dead, but I go on. Finding a paper to replace it is going to be difficult, because ゲーマガ accurately mirrored my liking like anything else before. Doomed to look for an hypothetical substitute, my shopping in Japanese bookshops will probably taste bitter this year…


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