What’s next for SquareEnix?

It can’t be argued that the sales of Final Fantasy XIII-2 are disappointing. SquareEnix now has to move on taking into account that its star franchise is not getting the support it used to, but where does it head for? 

First, there’s that strong inclination towards westernization : the Japanese (?) company is now focused on two AAA titles directed to the US and European market. I mean of course Tomb Raider and Hitman Absolution, games that the publisher intends to sell by millions to the numerous fans of the action/adventure genre. SquareEnix is so deeply involved in this approach that it has just ressurected the True Crime franchise to as a new project.

In Japan, players will have to make do with non-ambitious titles such as Theatrythm, Lord of Apocalypse, Bravery Default, Heroes of Ruin or the laughable Army Corps of Hell. Not to mention the childish Kingdom Hearts 3D, which pales in comparison with former entries of the series. Dragon Quest X should once more lure many Japanese fans, despite increasingly poorer content and an expensive subscription bill.

FF-centric news are no better : Type-0 looks more or less canned in the West, and there’s not been even a tiny bit of information on VersusXIII for a year. FFXIII-2 should get DLCs of unequal interest in the months to come.

SquareEnix, split between the promise of a Western EL Dorado and the financial security of immediately profitable spin-offs, seem to have lost sight of its fanbase, a scattered diaspora that doesn’t weight anymore in provisional budgets. Let’s hope the firm surprises us by E3 2012, or else someone will have to call Squaresoft’s funeral…


2 thoughts on “What’s next for SquareEnix?

  1. Nice post, agree Squaresoft seem to have lost their way slightly when it comes to making their much loved RPG games. They seem to have been overtaken by western RPG makers whose games favour moral decision making and real-time combat such as Bioware and Bethesda.

    I think titles like Xenoblade really pick up where Squaresoft should have gone after FFXII

  2. still hanging onto that “Squaresoft” name there brokenthumbs? As is with everything, change cannot be stopped. After Final Fantasy 12 I can’t say anything the company has made has kept true to old jrpg routes. Square Enix is now a publisher in my eyes, and it seems the days of jrpg’s hitting the mass market are over…unfortunatley… UNLESS they change it up… bring something new and fresh to combat the change in the industry… and the change in the players. In this regard, it seems the west has won.

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