Final Fantasy XIII-2 falls short in the West

What the hell are they doing on Vgchartz? After weeks showing insane pre-order figures that had passed 500’000, Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 launch sales now stands at 295’000 units sold in 2 days in the US. Last Friday, the site had announced 425’000, but sales were readjusted down on the following Tuesday. Europe is in the same case : the initial UK sales were cut by 50%, French sales were also down and the German ones just plummeted. In the end, Final Fantasy XIII-2 launch sales in the West were 576’000 on PS3 and 248’000 on Xbox360. The first Final Fantasy XIII had sold more than 1 million on PS3 and 500’000 on 360 (in 4 days though). Sales halved, which is a huge blow to the series.

Like I was saying before, it shouldn’t be a miss for SquareEnix. The publisher has yet to disclose any comment on the performances of FFXIII-2 (probably in the yearly report due for Spring), but I bet they anticipated that. FFXIII-2 should hit the profitability threshold all the more easily that DLCs will keep coming in the following months. Final Fantasy XIII-2 actually looks like a crash test to assess the faithfulness of the FF fanbase, as if the company was about to conduct deep changes in the strategy surrounding Final Fantasy.

Which changes? That is the question. The polemic around FFXIII casts shadows over the series and many former FF players have migrated to Skyrim and the likes. SquareEnix might choose to address only a limited fanbase of diehard fanatics and inflate prices by releasing shorter games and more DLCs. But they could also think themselves unable to avert the fall in sales and thus drop the series to begin something entirely new. And in that case, the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2 couldn’t possibly have been more accurate…


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