Xenoblade gaminglive and first impressions

This one is kind of late, because I recorded in early september and just finished editing. The thruth is that I went to Japan a few days after recording and came back with Hyperdimension Neptune Mk2. So Xenoblade had to wait. 

I know it’s a little rude, given how famous Xenoblade has become thanks to top marks and wide coverage of Operation Rainfall, but I personnally. The new RPG from Monolith has lot of qualities : graphically speaking, the overall design and the wonderful environments makes you forget the awful feeling of playing in SD. Day and night, as well as weather chage in real time, the characters’ animations are extremely detailed, music and sound are near perfect, making Xenoblade a truly immersive experience. 

However imho, gameplay lacks depth : whatever the character, you input the same skills ever and ever, with sometimes Shulk seeing a comrade’s death in the future, making it possible to prevent it. Excellent at first, I find this system a little vague as you progress in the game. Add to this a difficulty set too low (I hardly had any problems against bosses), and you have why imho Xenoblade won’t set new standards or become the new reference for JRPGs. 

Xenoblade still has a classic but powerful scenario, the most immense world of any JRPG in game history and a flurry of sidequests which makes it a lot of unrivaled pleasure for dozens of hours.



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