Review – Dead or Alive Dimensions

Having (shamely) been an Xbox exclusive for years, Dead or Alive was one of my most anticipated 3DS games. Therefore, I picked it in Osaka without any hesitation.

The first contact is excellent : graphics are impressive, I could hardly believe 3DS could pull that off. Ok, aliasing is rife, but the characters really look good (especially girls ^_^). This is proof that the system really CAN, even if the story disappoints since CGs are mostly fixed scenes. The Japanese version I have has can be turned in full English, and we can thank the devs for that. I’m new to DoA gameplay, but I find it excellent, for it has has has a delicate balance between combos, aerials, throws and counters.¬†

But this really good gameplay is more or less ruined by one thing : this game is super-easy! The arcade mode took me 1 hour to complete in every difficulty setting, and the story mode is laughable, cause the AI has the reactivity of an overcooked carrot. Even in free play with highest difficulty setting, you’ll have done it on purpose if you are to lose. Paradoxically, tag challenge is near impossible when you reach the final stages. The IA deals 10 times the damage you do and you can’t revive for some reason… Which leaves only the throwdown challenges, an interesting idea limited by the (small) number of people that actually owns the game.¬†

The lifespan and actual value of this game depends on whether you like the character design. Personally I do, so I’ll be playing with pleasure until DoA5 releases.


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