Tales of Vesperia on PS3 NOW! Operation Blackhole launched

Back in June, I created a Facebook group to invite PS3 owners to buy NamcoBandai games USED, so as to get the publisher to negotiate the release of PS3 Tales of Vesperia.

However, many @vesperiaps3 members considered that too radical or counterproductive, so I chose to lay low for a while. Unfortunately, neither @Filthierich nor NamcoBandai takes them seriously and lately, they’ve been ignoring them. Meanwhile, even the 3000-strong Operation Rainfall failed to have any significant impact on Nintendo of America’s policy. NoA actually responds to all letters with a two-line refusal.

That can mean only one thing : pacifist methods have failed. I recently came back from Japan with Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Xilia in my trunk, bought used of course. Sure, this 180$ loss is nothing in NamcoBandai’s books, but multiply that by the number of people in @vesperiaps3 and there will be a lot of money at stake already.

At a time when the number of unlocalized games is increasing, we must make a strong move in order to change this industry, which locks players in their respective regions. Operation Blackhole has been designed to suck up the money that corrupts publishers, like a black hole extinguishing all light.

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