With Valkyria Chronicles 3 E2, Sega really wants your money

If it wasn’t clear enough with the numerous Valkyria Chronicles 3 DLCs, the remake of this 3rd episode will prove once for all that Sega intends to charge Valkyria fans to the bone.

Feeling generous, Sega has the good idea to include in this « E2 » some of the pricey DLCs that emptied the early-adopters’ wallet, in addition to three brand-new chapters.

That generosity vanishes the second you learn that those chapters are not going to be available on the PSstore. On that particular topic, the Valkyria Blog gives some clue in a dialog between some of the characters. Ironically, it’s Clarissa, the money-loving tank commander, who explains that the remakes is addressed to those who already have the game as well as to those who don’t. The blog underlines the compatibility of save data, but fails to justify why Sega asks players who have already put a whooping 9000 yens to pay a further 3990 yens. If I use my brilliant mathematical capabilities, I’d that the price you have to pay per new chapter is 3990/3 = 1330 yens, although the average price has been 600 yens so far. If you add the fact that Sega is trying to offer you DLCs you’ve already paid, and their unwillingness to talk about a western release, you come to one conclusion : the Japanese publisher deserves a good kick in the butt.

I will probably buy this E2 anyway because I need a dematerialized version to play it on Vita. But with all that money, Sega had better work on a freakin’ good Valkyria Chronicles 4 NOW!


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