5 reasons to pick a Japanese 3DS

I finally got my 3DS! Those Nintendo idiots having region-locked the system, I had no choice but to wait until I set foot on Japanese territory. I can can eventually thank them, I guess : my patience was rewarded by a whooping 10’000¥ cut ! Why did I have to fly 10’000 km in economical just to get a handheld that nobody wants whatsoever ?

5/ It’s cheaper, pal !

If you combine the 40% price cut Nintendo offers in Japan and the advantageous currency rates, my 3DS here cost me roughly 130€, whereas I would have to pay 170€ in Europe. Imported games are gonna offset that by a trolley tough…

4/ Japanese dubs are so much better

If there is one thing I want to avoid, that’s disastrous French localizations. The memory of a 3DS cartridge isn’t large enough to contain dubs in several languages, which will inevitably lead to horrendous voice acting like in the French version of Professor Layton.

3/ You can play explicit Japanese games

Given the fuss about the release of Dead or Alive Dimensions here and there, don’t expect to see kinky Japanese games like Senran Kagura translated any soon : Nintendo wouldn’t even want to publish them for fear they would frighten casual moms.

2/ I play games before you do

Excepted some games for which Nintendo does make an effort, most productions release in Japan first. 3 months, 1 year or even 1 year and a half before they come to our shores, those games will already be in my 3DS. Tales of Abyss, delayed to 2012, is a good example. And don’t get your hopes too high with the game above, the photo is a fake…

1/ You never know…

Nintendo doesn’t care one bit about gamers or niche games. Who, in his right mind, wouldn’t release Xenoblade or The Last Story? Nintendo hasn’t given any release window for the following either :

  • Fire Emblem 謎の紋章

  • Ninokuni

  • Ace Attorney Investigations 2

  • Pandora Tower

And those games do have selling potential. Hard to believe Nintendo would put money to localize a new IP from Tri-Ace (Labyrinthの彼方 above). You never know which games will end up Japan-only because of a profitability threshold.


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