I bought myself a Wii!

After years talking trash of this system, I ended up purchasing this thing I loathe so much : the Nintendo Wii. It now stands on my rack below my PS3 (yes below).

Because that doesn’t mean I consider it equal to PS3, or that I am going to stop criticizing Nintendo’s lousy strategy. I had the precaution to buy it used, so that not even a penny goes in Big N’s pockets, and to avoid that my purchase shows up in official figures.

Moreover, setting this system is a real pain because of that junk you call Wiimote : I had to check the troubleshooting website to find out how to synchronize it, not to mention the terrible detection bar… Fortunately I have the Classic Controller that was included with Xenoblade, and it’s working very well. Those Mii things are irritating as ever (but lucky as I am the previous owner took care of the creation for me) and the channels look pre-school level… when they do manage to load (excepted for the really well made news channel). This was meant to create a generation of noobs, I’m sure of it!

Nevertheless, I couldn’t resign myself to overlook a major RPG like Xenoblade. I’ve been playing for 4 hours now and I do believe it’s worth buying at least a dozen Wiis! That’s how I gave up to my irresistible need of JRPGs, and ended up in serious contradiction with myself. I will punish myself every time I turn it on to play Xenoblade, I promise.


2 thoughts on “I bought myself a Wii!

  1. What is this Xenoblade friend? I don’t think they released it in America. I bought my self a Classic Controller Pro right away as well, and luckily it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg like PS3 controllers. It was the same price as it was in Japan (2000yen) $20. Nevertheless I am very happy with my Monster Hunter Tri, although it has to be one of the most difficult games there is. At least there is always Mario Galaxy and Smash Brothers Brawl. You can’t deny Nintendo’s Magic.

    • Xenoblade is one of the best RPGs of this gen. It’s kind of a FFXII-like, with an immense open world and many side quests.

      And I do deny Nintendo’s “magic” which is nothing more than a mercantile strategy : they keep releasing ever identical Mario games to make quick cash out of casual gamers without making any effort to support core games like Xenoblade or Fire Emblem, which Nintendo of America refuses to publish. Really you should stay away from Mario games which are the new flagship of casual gaming.

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