Catch-up post – ラブひなの徹を踏み続けてーワクワクの浜辺!(In Love Hina’s trail – exciting beach)

Our trip to Kamakura was normal, altough considerably slowed by the heat. Then we went to add another milestone to my Love Hina pilgrimage – Enoshima beach. There was all you could expect from a Japanese beach if you base your expectations on shonen mangas – the Japanese girls in bikini are hot for most of them, the boys very look like yakuzas and there are various 浜茶屋 (hamachaya – cafés built on the beach). I went for a beer, and was addressed as 兄さん (nii-san, which means here young man), so I thanked her saying 姉さん (nee-san, same thing as before, but for girls). You have to pay hell a lot of money (1500) to change clothes for some reason, but it’s nothing compared to the dreadful state of the water. First, you’re walking on something, but you have no clue what they could be (I supposed they were seaweed). And secondly, you swim in the middle of things floating around, which are not only seaweed. I was careful to keep my head above the water, for I feared that immersing it might cause immediate death.

The sand was nevertheless pleasant to walk on, although so hot that it was nearly impossible to stay on the same spot for more than 10 seconds. In conclusion, if you ever go to Enoshima beach, there is no need to bring your swimsuit… I was wearing my brand-new Asuka T-shirt, for which I was complimented by a couple on the train.

Originally published in august 2009.


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