Catch-up post – 四回目の来日!(4th time in Japan)

At a first glance, you could think that I’ve grown quite blasé when landing at Narita International Airport. But the familiar scent of extreme humidity filled my thoughts with nostalgia so vivid that I felt like coming back home after a especially painful semester.

There were very few surprises in Tokyo : most of the games I had been looking forward to buy were available at rock-bottom prices (including the Blu-Ray of Advent Children and the demo of FFXIII at less than 3000) and as you could expect, a annoying number of people were brainlessly playing Dragon Quest IX on their DSs. I cannot fathom why those people don’t realize how much damage they’re doing to the future of this industry by encouraging such practices. It’s plainly obvious that SquareEnix is not doing any effort for us fans and concentrates on its statement of income. Dragon Quest IX is the second example of ‘how you jump backwards in technology’ (the first being Valkyrie Profile : Covenant of the Plume, which was dull and unpopular) : Dragon Quest VIII was working fabulously on PS2, but now we just have a weird-looking DS RPG the sole purpose of which is to suck money out of the poor fellows that have been supporting the series just to be betrayed. And now we have Final Fantasy Gaiden, the first Final Fantasy for the 6-year-old and less (on DS also) that should bring whooping money as well as howls of anger from people infuriated by the lack of good games. Last, but not least, Monster Hunter 3, developed on Wii for the sole purpose to take advantage of the scandalous number of systems sold in Japan, has been making the headlines of every magazine since we arrived.

We went for a udon in the evening, but just to run into another billboard dedicated to Dragon Quest IX… the curry udon was slightly less tasty than usual.

Initially published in French in August 2009.


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