Catch-up post : The end of an era

Well, To Love has finally reached its final chapter… After Mx0 and Umisho which ended quite suddenly, it’s another one of the doors by which I entered Japan that closes for good. I admit that To Love was not much a prize-winner in any aspect, one could say it’s entirely addressed to the worst otakus you can ever hope (not) to find.

Still, I was there in Tokyo when the very first chapter was published in Jump (I still have it). I remember it very clearly : in spring 2006, comfortably seated at my desk in my tiny room of Koganei, I would quickly glance through Jump (cause it still needed me a great deal of concentration to read an entire chapter at that time). And one day, a colored page attracted my attention by its evocative vocabulary (the following pages and chapters all but confirmed this) and this series soon became one of my favorite readings in Jump. It’s one of those very moments when an quick read or even simple glance triggers the marking of every monday in the calendar and relentless raids in bookshops. To Love is born with me, its end is a fragment of my life that shatters away.

Originally published in French in May 2010


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