My letter to Reggie


object : Operation Rainfall

Dear Reggie,

As a fan of JRPGs, I was extremely excited about the reveal of Monado which was later retitled Xenoblade. After it’s reveal at E3 2008 it quickly became one of my most anticipated games for the Wii, and as more information, screens, and trailers were released my interest only expanded. I am deeply concerned that this game has no North American release planned, especially considering the sparse lineup on the Wii in the next year. And yet Xenoblade sits completed, and soon to be localized for Europe in English.

This decision is completely senseless : you are not unaware that North America has become a huge market for JRPGs, with titles like Tales of Symphonia – Dawn of the new World, Hyperdimension Neptune or Atelier Rorona performing even better in the Americas than in Japan, their home market. European sales, in the other hand, remain sluggish. Therefore, if Nintendo of Europe considers that Xenoblade can be profitable or advantageous to widen Wii audience, I can assure you that it will be at least fourteen times more in America! I don’t own a Wii myslef and and I’m not even a big fan of Nintendo, but I have tried Xenoblade at Japan Expo in Paris and those 10 min of gameplay convinced me to by the game and the system on September 2nd.

Third and most important point : every hour passing without an official release window fuels anger and resentment in crestfallen gamers, and diminishes the number of potential early-adopters for your upcoming WiiU. Please look at what the competition is doing : titles like Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 or Resonance of Fate are localized within 3 or 4 months, uniting fans all over the world. You should know by now that the casual gamers you’ve been relying on of late are not likely to massively acquire the system (the current level of 3DS sales clearly demonstrates that). Hardcore gamers are clearly your best bet, so you should consider addressing them with a clear and strong message : localize Xenoblade now!




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